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  1. I hear alot of people saying 2oz a plant, me personally don't think 3-4 months growing its worth the time or money that's put into it.4zips a plant is more like ...is 4oz alot n that indoor grow world ???and have you ever did it b4

    I don't understand how people claim to get 2oz out of a plant that was on a 12/12 from seedling until harvest

    But people that veg for 4 weeks is pullin the same amount df
  2. Different grow styles, yield differently if you take a clone and scrog it then flower you will yeild more than just 2 plants, with each grow you harvest more and improve your setup.
  3. I get roughly a ounce for every gallons worth of room in the container...As in, 5 gal bucket, roughly 5 oz.
    Now I do get under every once in a while but thats what I aim at.
  4. Some people scrog some lst some top some also super crop, all post to increase yield right? But naturally 2 oz (without training) is a normal yield ?
  5. Do you do anything special to get a oz per gal or that's just what it is?4/5 oz a plant is great hearing but after all the threads a read where people saying they pull 1 oz or 2 oz per plant kinda got me nerves .... I feel like that's a waste
  6. it takes some practice, but 4 per plant is fairly easily achiveable. Most the people that post on here are newer growers so yeah 2 oz is normal. I can pretty much do nothing to a plant, not treat it very well, and still get 2 oz. per plant. A little training, and some love is really all it takes.
  7. Almost totally depends on your light. Hid, led, cfl...and how many lumens.
  8. Yep ^ just simple lst gives you alot more of a yield then you'd think
  9. I get about 4-5 oz per harvest
    harvest every 8 weeks
    21 plants

    bud box 4'x2' - 250watts CFL
    veg box 2'x2' - 125watts CFL
    mother 1'x1' - 40watts CFL
  10. I average 4-6 o's depending on strain, but i also use hid lighting... Makes a huge difference imo. Some autos i get the same yield as photos, for instance i got auto sweet tooth going right now and it's amazing at how big it's getting
  11. Ive got 2oz from one plant and 7oz..depends on style
  12. and strain of course, some just have horrible yields but some with junk yields have incredible smoke
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    Different lighting, different environments, and varying root spaces, will produce different growth rates and vigor. You can yield several pounds on a plant, in the same amount of time that it takes to yield a mere 2 or three ounces in an either inadequate environment, or one just simply comprised of multiple additional plants, but in smaller pots.

    If you go for 30 plants, in smaller pots, your yield per-plant will decrease but your overall room yield will be roughly the same as 4 or 6 plants in larger pots. Many people underestimate the value and benefit of timely transplanting, and larger containers. :)

    I don't train, I don't top or fim, but I do take my cuttings during bloom when the branching hormones are prime for re-veg, and from that point on I let them do their thing naturally.

    Here's an older post I made on the topic;


    Strain, lighting and environment, are all crucial factors in getting a large yield. Even with the
    best nutes, and the best lights, and the best strains or cuttings, if your environment (air-flow,
    exhaust, temps, ph etc) is out of whack, your plants will suffer, and they won't yield well in quality,
    or quantity.

    Treat them just right however, and they will reward you [​IMG]

    For instance the below was roughly 11 weeks from cutting; 3.5 weeks to root and veg, then
    another 7 or so to flower, flush and chop. When I'm only growing 4 - 6 plants in a room, I'll use 10 -
    15 gallon pots (and between 2,000-3,000 watts HPS). When I'm growing 25 - 30 plants in the same
    room, I'll use 1 - 3 gallon pots, with the same lighting. Roughly the same yield for both in the same
    amount of time, between the 25 or so plants in small pots, and the 4 - 6 in large pots.

    The last lady to come down in this room...

    This bud can be seen in the upper left portion of the above plant.. there are several close to this size, but this was the largest;


    And over in a 1 - 3 gallon pot room, using the same amount of light but spread over a slightly larger
    area, this is about half of 25 - 30 plants (about half way through bloom, with another 3 - 4 weeks to go)....


    And a few more... some Feralocity, some Widow of Oz, some POG...







    So the method you choose really depends on what you're going for, even beyond your hopeful-yield.

    For instance, if you have a few killer clones, and you know what to expect from their bud, or
    you know that you specifically want more of a certain kind of bud, then fewer, larger plants,
    would be the better option.

    With the right environment, you'll yield much more off an individual plant than multiple small plants,
    so long as it is given adequate root space and room to grow.

    Then, if you're working with seeds, which can be very variable, or if you want to play around with
    breeding...or if you know that you tend to grow tired of even the best strains,
    after smoking too much of them... then numerous, smaller plants, in smaller pots, would be the way
    to grow.


    With more plants, you have greater variety (MUCH greater variety), however, if there is one
    perfect plant, then you obviously won't have as much of her bud.

    But that goes both ways.... when working with seeds, having many, numerous plants, can also
    spare you from investing nearly all your time, all your nutrient, and all your soil/medium and energy,
    on a plant (which may make up a very large percentage of your total crop) that turns out to be a
    'dud', and has the potency of low-grade hemp. [​IMG]

    For the best of both worlds, we grow many, numerous seeds in the small-pot rooms, and
    then we take a small selection of cuttings from only the very best plants, to use over in the
    large-pot rooms.
    The large pot rooms carry only cuttings from plants and strains we're familiar with,
    while the small pot rooms carry new seedlings through completion.

    Both ways take roughly 3 months from germination/cutting to harvest... the smaller plants only
    remain smaller in so much time, because they are limited by their root space; in small pots, you will
    have smaller plants in the same time frame, but you can make up for that limitation, with their
    increased numbers.

    Hope this helps. [​IMG]
  14. some amazing results you have there badkitty.

    bigger plants give you bigger yield but take longer to veg
    I find I get far more bud with my set up by having many small plants, each having short grow time maximizing my weight per month income. however, my style is based around the fact I only have 4 feet of head room so big lights can't happen. for big plants you need big lights otherwise your just wasting time when you could be flowering them sooner to get the next crop in asap
    my way uses a low amount of electricity but higher work load

    there's so many different ways of doing it. its all about utilising the right method for your space

  15. Not necessarily, although with inadequate lighting and environment and smaller pots, you definitely need to veg longer to make as much progress; people unknowingly cripple their growth speed by not transplanting early enough, and by ignoring their environment and ventilation.

    Small plants/pots will only seem to grow better or faster and yield more than their larger counterparts, IF the environment is too stagnant and inadequate for handling larger plants, and as such, the for handling all that additional living plant matter.

    I've seen people take their ventilation and circulation for granted, and then attempt to grow beastly-large plants in both small and large pots, which tend to do fantastic.... at first.

    Then growth slows, hits a 'peak', and their plants simply begin to die off, often before they can even begin to bloom.

    Or the plants survive, but they wind up with huge nodal spacing, and long stalks with oddly-sparse leaf distribution, and teeny, tiny buds hanging off the ends of diminished branches. :p

    This is where people get the misconception that, 'by nature', it just takes longer to veg larger plants indoors; when in reality, if your 'environmental ceiling' is low concerning intake, exhaust, humidity and CO2, then growth slows down (or doesn't increase at the rate it should) as more plant-matter fills up the room, and the plants over-utilize what little 'environment' they had.

    In small pots, I'll bloom after 3 weeks of vegging and yield less than 5ozs per plant.

    In 10+gallon pots, I'll bloom after 3 weeks of vegging, and yield up to several pounds from each plant depending on the strain, within the same cycle-time. :)

    From my experience, if your indoor environment is truly dialed in, then until you've reached the 50+gallons per pot range, your plants will grow faster, and faster with the more root space you give them, during any given period of time, both during veg and bloom. :hello:

    Even with a small-pot switch between grows, going from 3 gallons, to just 5gallons, if you're not experiencing an exponential, and dramatic increase in the rate of growth and yield, from one grow to the next with those larger pots, in the same amount of time, it means something is wrong with your room!

    Your pot size should be the last and most limiting factor for your plants in a healthy environment; in a healthy environment, given the same amount of time, a larger pot will outperform a smaller pot, every time. Appropriate ventilation, and intake especially, along with CO2 supplements if needed, can do wonders. :)

    All the plants in my post up top, small and larger, were vegged for no longer than 3 to 3.5 weeks; we bloom almost literally at the first signs of sexual maturity in the case of seeds, for a total of 11 - 12 weeks between taking the cutting (or germinating the seed), and the final chop. :hello:

    My 30 - 50 plant rooms, in 1 - 3 gallon pots, usually yield less than 5oz's each and overall the room loses about 10% give or take, but they veg for just as long as my 6 or so several-pound each plants, which are kept in larger pots, causing the volume of plant matter to grow and multiply at a more exponential rate.
    The larger plants and their rooms almost always tend to beat out the smaller plants, even though we use more medium overall on the smaller ones! :)

    Hope this helps! :hello:
  16. bigger plants take longer to veg, it's simple as that. obviously there are many factors that depict plant growth speed but they can go either way, big plant or small plant. the fact remains all else being equal (no other way to compare) bigger plants take longer to veg because it takes extra time for the extra growth. because of this extra growth you get extra bud. but.... filling in your grow space is quicker with many plants than it is with fewer
  17. I find the biggest over looked factor for most people when soil growing is oxygen levels to the roots.
    I see so many people using pots that are too big, water too often, using dense soil. things like this suffocate the roots and slows growth. so many growers do this while they are completely unaware because the plant only shows signs there is a problem when it has gotten unwell from it. everyone seems to concentrate too much on the available light and forget about everything else
  18. I see that alot on GC as well. I will bore you with my set up, its how I learned. Nothing out of the norm, no secret internet tricks just patience.

    I have three rooms. Clone, veg and flower.

    Veg room is 8 2ft T5's.

    I veg for a month to 2 months, depending on how big they get. I try to top 3-5 times and use wire tie branches out a ways so they get the light. I also make sure to use strains that are known for high yeild, and only grow indica's.

    I use fox farm ocean forest soil, and grow big and tiger bloom, and only bottled water.

    Flower room starts at 12/12 with a 600watt hps, then after 30 days I drop it to 10/14 and add a 400watt hps.
    I like two seperate lights because I can drop them right over the plants and not worry about heat.

    For me, the pots I use roughly get me
    3gal-3-4 oz
    5 gal-5-6 oz
    7 gal-5-7 oz

    The biggest thing Ive noticed that hurts people who grow is their lack of patience. I throw the plants under lights, feed them, and check on the every other day. I see people basically messing with their plants daily, trimming this, trimming that, using the internet to try all these different style of lst, hst, pta, cia you name it. I have a friend who uses 4-5 different organic nutes, leds and all the tricks and he gets 2 oz per plant...
    It is what it is. For me, I know its boring, but its a weed, give it the optimal growing needs, the best of your ability, leave them alone, and they will do great for you!
  19. So basically lst,super cropping,filming,topping ect, is for people with limited space in wants a little more yield right ? Because what I'm getting from the posts is size of pots for roots can grow willingly,great ventilation for air circulation , and space to grow is where yield increase really kick in at<--- if this the case it makes a lot of sense ... Smh I've been boom-bozo'd to think training ( unnaturally ) will increase more then natural plant environment ( space, air ,and light) in I'm guessing for indoor growers the space will be 1 of the biggest problems n that's where the decrease In yield comes from
  20. Jetski added something I forgot, watering...Too many people water the hell out of their plants constantly, drowning the roots basically. They dont know why their plants dont get big until too late, then they come here, to hear thirty different posters their problem is "ph"
    Dont over water, dont use heavy condensed soils, and just let the plants grow!
    Its pretty rare to see ph problems with soil, but as a reader here, its a major concern on every grow..Its the answer to everythread basically, and usually coming from posters who are getting these 1 ounce returns on their own plants!
    LST training works great for some, topping for others, but for me, topping, and just leaving the light close to not have em stretch, and not overwatering is the key.

    Back in the day, we didnt have any of the new cottage market products that come with growing, and people got bigger yeilds, now there is 700 technics, tools, specailty items, yet many consistantly get 1-2 ounce per plant? Dont make sense!

    And Badkitty, AWESOME! Those pics are amazing. Thats how to do it!

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