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Discussion in 'General' started by BlazedGlory, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Just curious what everyones real names are. Just first names, of course.

    Mines Dean, how bout you
  2. Superjoint Jr.

    I was named after my father, according to my mother

    I never met him ;_;
  3. i think you are, so i gotta warn a brotha

  4. Hey, I'm Mark.
  5. They call me big wheela the cat peela
  6. Hey, my name is

  7. None of your fuckin' business
  8. my name's... frankie
  9. If mine isn't slightly obvious (not my real last name, though), then I don't know what is.
  10. Kyle. I think we had a thread back a ways where everyone added their name to the list to find the most popular.

    I think those dirty nicks won..... :mad:

  11. lol years ago i had a friend named nick, and he was a filthy mother fucker.

    my friends call me snake.
  12. Samael, but I go by my middle name, Lukas. Generally just go by Luke.

    People in high school couldn't see that my name was Samael, and not Samuel, so I just stopped using it altogether.
  13. Lmfao dude I'm high as fuck off this sour diesel and I read that name in the proper accent and everything since I used to speak Hebrew (to stoner lukas)...it was an awesome moment in high history :smoking:

    oh and I'm Arthur and high as shit.
  14. Hy every one!

    I'm John Andrew
  15. Eric >.> man i fill awsome
  16. Hellz yeah.

  17. your post made me lol out loudea

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