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What's your most funniest "WTF" moment?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Oscar Seca, May 20, 2010.

  1. Title says it all, thing is i don't know if theirs this thread already posted
    Just too lazy to check.

    Anyways, I'll start off.

    It was a Saturday afternoon at my house, I had a couple of grams
    so I decided to smoke my brother and my cousin out,
    We were there in my room hitting some bowls off my glass pipe(which is
    now probably broken or in a trash somewhere,cause I got caught)
    back to the point, so we're there home alone trippin' out and just laughing
    our asses off,I love trippin em out,it's like if they're living a nightmare
    haha,so somehow we end up in my bros room watching funny as vids online.
    Okay,so this is the WTF part, we're there trippin out
    and all of a sudden the meteorlogist from our town just parks infront of my house,we're watching him as he just plants a wooden sign in our neighbors front yard, he does that..and then leaves
    right there and then I start laughing my ass off and I literally say
    "this is a what the fuck moment!!"
    fucking random ass guy that we see on tv just parked in front of my house
    So that's my story, I'll post more later
    Once I'm at home

    so tell me, what's yours?
  2. Just came upstairs after smoking a bowl at 2 am with my brother and friend. I open the basement door and go into the kitchen and grab a snack. I then head into the living room and look outside and what do I see.... a wall of flames. The peoples garage on the next street over was on fire but it seriously looked like the house was on fire so it kinda freaked me for a second.
  3. It was Wednesday before hockey,
    So I went to my cousins place as usual to smoke some Triple-A Kush weed.
    It was a LONG ASS walk there so I decided to smoke a joint :)
    I took out my red bull energy shot container and in there were 3 joints and a lighter.
    As I took out my lighter, I dropped a joint ... which rolled right next to a car tire.
    This was no ordinary car ... it was a POLICE CAR!

    So I'm freaking out and i go down, pick up the joint, look up, and I see a cop with a coffee in hand about to enter his car.
    I QUICKLY put my shit back into the red bull shot and greet the officer as I try to walk off.
    Right behind me I hear: "Be careful with that, it's dangerous"
    *And the policeman drives off*
    me: "WTF?"


  4. Thx bro... but fucking freaky if you're torched though lol..
  5. [ame=]YouTube - The Rusty James Show # 23 We Like Beaver[/ame]

    goose cum
  6. I hate it when cops fuck with you like that, like a cop got me free munch one time and he said I looked like I needed it. Like an hour later I just put down the bong and looked at my friend and went "...what the FUCK just happened".
  7. So I was high as everrrr. I was talking with my mom and she suddenly and slowly started to pull out a dime bag. In my head I started flippin out and thinking about what to say if she found my stash and I was like about to just book it out of her room:bolt:. But it was a dimebag with jewelry in it for my lip ring. I was like :yay:
  8. Haha, Wow i just remembered another "wtf moment"

    This happened about a month ago, It was Me,My bro, My cousin Victor(same as the previous post)
    My other cousin Rol and his friend, It was a Saturday night, We had just gotten home from filming
    and taking pictures, It was around 12 o'clock, I was bored and i wasnt planning on smokin em' out.
    So Victor comes in my room and sees me loading a bowl, i ask him "should i smoke you guys out" and he's kinda a beginner but he's always down to smoke,
    And We end up smoking and it was my other cousin rol's first time smoking, So he didnt know what to expect.
    We're passing the pipe around and rol doesn't feel it, yet. I smoked maybe a good 3-4 bowls
    and my cousin victor was trippin already, My cousin rol on the other hand isnt.
    So a good 10 mins pass and we're all just laughing and saying stupid shit
    All of a sudden my cousin rol says " Wtf the poster was bigger before", Assuming that he's trippin already he starts panicing and he starts yelling fuckin' loud, I tell him "shut the fuck up my mom's asleep" he's scared shitless saying that his soul is "leaving his body" Haha
    So he lays down on my bed and just closes his eyes and every 2-3 mins he'd ask "how long has it been, when's it gonna be over" haha we just trip him out and then after 15 mins he's really chill and calm, I could tell he wasnt tho:smoking:
    He was still trippin' balls, So then he goes to my bro's room with his friend
    and so it's basically me, my bro and victor in my room, My eyes are bloodshot red and low as fuck
    (i forgot to mention, My bro didnt smoke this time) And all of a sudden my dad gets home and sees rol and his friend in my bros room so he goes and says "hi", i have a pack of cigerettes there in the open and so then he comes in my room (it smelled like weed a shitloads and the window was open)
    He says hi to all three of us, then leaves
    I'm think to myself "what the fuck just happened"
    I thought he'd tell us something
    So i stay in my room and my bro and victor go to the other room,
    I'm just there jammin and i end up falling asleep, Next morning i see my dad,
    Doesnt mention a word about last night.
    What the Fuck!!:eek:
  9. I am a frequent marijuana smoker, grower, and... dirt biker (eat me environs), and here is my WTF moment:

    Background: I live in the desert and i just got out of my second semester in college. I try to ride my dirtbike every day and so my WTF moment involves dirt biking. Also, I am the kind of person who will hallucinate periodically for days after smoking, even after the high is completely gone, so my WTF moment could involve weed (or not... I'm still not sure if what I saw was real).

    Story: I had smoked the previous day and on the way home from school that day i had already seen a few parrots (in the desert, yes. parrots. wildlife is one of my main hallucinations:smoke:). That evening i decided to go for a ride. I was on one of my normal routes, which goes up through a canyon, up the side of the canyon, through a saddle and down down the backside of the mountain, opening up into a big valley that you usually haul balls through along a fast trail. I came up over the side of the canyon like usual and make a quick right, follow the ridge, then a quick left and down the other side of the mountain. Looking down into the big valley, i see dust, thinking it was another dirtbiker. I thought "cool. hahah I'll show this guy fast!" I continue along the 'fast/haul-balls' trail, and come up on the site where i saw the dust. But where are the dirtbikers? I keep looking off to left towards a big outcropping of rocks, glancing back to spot the trail every second or so. There was a bush... and I'm seeing the dust trail emerge from over the bushes no more than 50 feet from me, but still, no dirbikers :confused:. I look back to spot the trail again and there's a...... a sheep???:eek: what the hell is a sheep doing in the middle of my trail... in the fucking desert no less????? Probably just one of my hallucinations... At this point the trail comes up over a small crest. I look back towards where I saw the so called "sheep"... ha fuckin sheep, what will it be nest, a Pterodactyl?. No.. WTF? More sheep... and a box trailer with some guy in it.. i start to realize, as i gain more ground and better vision of the valley below, there are thousands of sheep grazing in the desert.... Just past the sheep I can see my town... covered in a cloud of haze... a weird guy herding a thousand fucking .... REAL SHEEP!!!!!!

    haha happy trails, fellow stoners! :D
  10. That's Fuckin Scary If You're Trippin' Balls
  11. Thats pretty fucked up
  12. me and my friend just finished a session, went in my house and grabbed snacks and got on my computer. we went to youtube to listen to this nice and relaxing song (deadmau5 - strobe). but then a random ass youtube advertisement song came on. this confused us because we were expecting a nice relaxing song, we both were like WTF this isnt strobe!! and laughed our asses off
  13. Back in the day me and a buddy had a party and we were shootin pong, smoking weed with a bunch of people all in this dining room/kitchen, there were like 35 people there and me and my buddy at the main table had like an ounce of weed spewed out rollin a fat ass blunt, just got done doin' bong hits...All the sudden, somebodies parents came into the house, just fucking walked in, because this dude brought a 17 year old and the parents were Literally staring at me and my buddy rolling this thing for 10 seconds until I realised..Then the parents left all angry with their daughter. So we started rushing and packing shit up and, hiding cans. All the people stayed because it still was a get together...About an hour of no MJ, or beer. I made the dumbass mistake of pulling all the shit out again bongs, papers, scale, etc, pong balls, cases and coolers of beer, and within 5 minutes, more people walked through the dam door un-anounced. It was the same parents!! They wanted to ensure us that we should have fun and not worry about police because they didnt call them on
  14. Alrite heres my wtf moment haha and ill try to make it make sense but im blown rite now haaah. ok anywayyy one day i was in the bathroom smoking out of my homemade bong and listening to music. i was already hella high so i kept zoning out and shit. before i went to go skate i decided to smoke one more bowl. i loaded it up and lit it and i held the lighter there for hella long cuz i was getting hella into the music. when i finally remembered what i was doing i went down to inhale out of the opening of the bottle but i didnt notice that my hand holding the lighter waas still down by the opening. so as i was inhaling the lighter (which was hot as shit cuz i held it lit for so long) was pressed against the side of my chin and i didnt notice! even as i came up i kept the lighter on my chin! the only reason i noticed is cuz i started hearing a kinda hissing/sizzling sound then i was like "what the fuck am i doiong!?" and pulled the lighterr away. later that night my chin looked hella gross like there were some big ass like jolly rancher looking bumps where the lighter was! daaaamnn i was fuckeddd up! :smoke:
  15. [​IMG]
  16. I was on deck and showed up to my boys house to get him a half-eighth, keeping my bud in my shoe like usual, i kicked off my shoes when i walked in and went down to talk to him. He gave me the money i ran back upstairs to get his sack. It wasnt in my shoe so i started trippin. I started looking around and his fucking dog got his sack and was shaking the shit out of it in the middle of his living room, and his fuckin mom was like 8 feet away walking around on the phone. i about shit my pants, luckily i got the bud from the dog and everything worked out.

  17. Awwwwwwww that's fucked up if you still sold it to him lol

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