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Whats your liquor.

Discussion in 'General' started by Ganjaman7847, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. I would like to Know what type of alchol you like. I like the hard stuff myself. five a clock vodka is great.
  2. i dont care what anyoen says no one can top my JD if u dont know what that is you shouldnt be allowed to drink
  3. I thought this was a message board for talking about weed?
    what does that have to do with weed?
  4. People don't just talk about weed here.
  5. rum and gin!!!!
  6. i kno but my all time fav drink would have to be either schmirnov Ice, coconut rum or a blody ceasear.
  7. Klamora kalua five o clock vodka and whiskey are good for me.
  8. Holy crap thats a funny poem jstducky420 i just laughed my ass 4 like 5 mins hahahaha thats halairous
  9. have to go with jack
  10. i'm not much of a liquer drinker. actually, i try to avoid it, i just get too hammered and too sick the day after. and i hate that. especially the "goddamned, what *did* i do yesterday, can't remember shit after i told this girl she was a tightass, but that's no problem, coz' i got lubrication...

    but when i do take the occasional drink (only, letmethink, 9 drinks this year. that's good) i prefer in order:

    -good ole whisky. old grouse (to sip at)

    -gin'n'tonic (always on newyears eve, and champagne ofcourse)

    -screwdriver (for lazy summerdays, just chillin. hmm... no screwdrivers this summer. not last either. damn)

    -tequila with salt and lemon (yes, i've had three of those the last weekend, but i could not say no, as i got it for free)

    -gammeldansk (yes, sooooo goood. like coughmedicin, but stronger, hehe)
  11. Usually I drink vodka. Usually I make screwdrivers or mix vodka and fresca. I also enjoy cracking a good bottle of wine. I'll drink beer if I have to (like the last 2 nights and prolly tonight) but I really don't care for beer and only put up with it for the alcohol.

  12. same here.

  13. same here
  14. i say goddamned!!!!

    beer is, well it is just the best. mmmmmmmmmmm beeeeeeer.

    i'd hate to become an alcoholic just coz beer taste soo good

    you can't beat beer, it's the nectar of life. it is, uhm, well, hmmmm. it's beer dammit!!

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  16. actually I should say that even tho I don't like beer, there is one kind I do like. Paulaner brand Oktoberfest beer is good shit. You can't beat a true Bavarian drinking beer.
  17. hmmmm...all depends what kind of mood im in.....

    vodka mood : grey goose orange, stoli rasp, stoli vanilla ( with gingerale, taste like cream soda), or vangooh/citadelle apple....vox is really good to, especially with redbull.....

    Rum mood : summa time drinks.... goslings black (rum an cokes & dark and stormy's) captain morgans ( can never go wrong with the captain) or if im just wanna sip on something planters xo...

    Gin mood : bombay saphire or tanqueray 10 with grapefruit juice or in a gin and tonic with lime...

    Tequila mood (anytime) : usually chinaco or casta webber azul (for up straight or with some lime) margaritas....( cuervo gold or sauza commeorativos)...I love mezcale too...

    Scotch mood (usualy winter): single malt, balvinie 12 yr (double wood, aged in two different casks) I have a bottle of Mchallen 25 im still ever so slowly working on....blended, johnny walker green, chivas centurey...

    not much of a whiskey drinker... if i am usually jd in lemonade or iced tea...

    besides that..... lots of jager.......Surfers on acid, jager malibu and pinapple juice..... jager bombs....jager and redbull....the list goes on an on....

    i pretty much drink everything...lots of wine too..... im into it all... kinda have to be..... considering alcohol is my job.... :D
  18. a white russian for me please
  19. Why drink? I've got buds, so whenever I would have the chance to drink, it's perfect time for a smoke...
  20. I always gotta start my night off with shots of something. Usually Rum or Vodka. Then some mixed drinks. Then some beer.

    Mix together, simmer for about 3 or 4 hours, add a pinch of crazyness, and a bunch of friends, and you've got yourslef a good fuckin night.

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