What's your job?

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  1. I go to school (off-campus living with parents for now) and work as a cook part-time. Hours going to be cut down alot starting next week to crack down and focus on Spring semester.

    What about you blades?
  2. I work as a ''C# .net Developer'', I work like 80 hours a week, but I fucking love it.

    But I'm on a trip to multiple countries at the moment so now I don't work.
  3. I'm a mechanic/welder, been doing it for a while now, I couldn't see myself doing anything else to be honest. I love my job :)
  4. I work in a bait house packaging sardines, lady fish (bone fish), giant squid wings, small bait squid, mullet, shrimp, and chicken necks. We also salt squid and make chum. I'm only doing this until late February and then I'm moving to Cali to work in the marijuana industry! :D
  5. I supervise and solve general problems, shit gets fucking retarded sometimes since we work nights so i'm the guy thats gotta solve 23 other people's problems indefinitely, no matter who i have to call or what i have to do production must continue!!!1!!
  6. Herbicide handeling tech
  7. I work in a complaints department for a media company. I take shit from people, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

    Not the best, but it makes you enjoy a cold bee or a fat blunt so much more haha.
  8. I sell and tune skis and snowboards, as well as some minimal bicycle service. while not doing any of that at work you could find me drinking a nice beer or smokin a bowl :p its a great job
  9. I go to school full time, and I also work part time as a lab assistant/research assistant with my professors and its pretty awesome.
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    CNC operator at a plant that manufactures medium caliber ammunition shells for the U.S. military
  11. Full time body piercer

    I specialize in genital piercings.
  12. Tire manufacturing company. Shit sucks but I got my eyes on some other shit!:)
  13. Wow! That sucks balls! Pierced balls!:(
  14. My job is coming up with original threads! I'm a beast at it
  15. It's not that bad haha. I do get the random old person who's gutsy. For the most part I just get to see boobs haha
  16. I'm a diesel mechanic man what do you work on? This new shop here welds but they use a fucking wire welder, I can do stick welding half-ass decent but fuck wire man.
  17. Have there been any girls with big ol wolf pussies in there like...."heeeey I need my camel toe pierced and junk!"
  18. Electrician in a paper mill.
  19. I'm a junior financial analyst for HSBC, shits boring as fuck but it pays. You do what you gotta do!
  20. You have no idea. There have been women who came in immediately after some guy went to pound town on 'em. Still caked in crusty splooge. All the good I've seen has definitely been balanced out by the bad.

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