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What's your Job Like?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by heartbroken, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. I don't know how many people here are lucky to have a great full-time job with full benefits that doesn't drug test like I do... but some do... most don't.

    Besides the point...

    if you're comfortable stating so... where do you work? Or at least what industry are you in? How is it? Elaborate... let it loose... blow steam off or scream at the mountain tops how much you love your job.

    I work for the seconds largest steamship line in the world...

    I'm a "Traffic Agent" in the biz... but anyone else would consider me a customer service rep.

    It is mostly about being there to facilitate a relationship between the company and the customer, but it takes quite a bit of know-how in the field of containerized shipping. Most of my day is spent calculating ETAs for vessels into various ports... answering phone calls and emails... quoting rates for shipping containers... creating reports and presentations about our current volumes and statistics and of course, screwing around with my friends in the office.

    Great job.... awesome pay... lots of room to go up (they're talking about making me asst. manager of my dept.)... great benefits... and most of all great people. My dept is the most awesomest... just a bunch of great co-workers...

    So... anyone else?
  2. Work at Papa Johns, get to deliver pizza for $12-$15 an hour depending on tips, get to smoke on the deliveries, not sure if it could be any better for someone who hasn't completed HS yet.
  3. I work at a comic book boss is an ex hippy who has no problems with me toking up in the back office as long as theres no costumer. My work day consists of watching tv shooing away kids who read and dont buy anything....and reading. The only real work I do is the first hour or so of the work day when I have to restock the shelves...and to combat that I tend to just go in high so that first hour of real work goes by fast...if I'm lucky my boss will work with me...and sometimes he has some killer nugs.
  4. I work at the grocery store, selling all you potheads your munchies.
  5. "I mow grass to smoke grass" lol thats my catch phrase but yes i mow peoples grass so i can smoke weed which means no drug testing at all
  6. Full-time job. Film industry. Many others in the office either smoke regularly or used to in the past. Our senior producer (who is in his late 40s probably) still smokes occasionally.
  7. just graduated law school and i have a job lined up at a medical malpractice law firm(they defend doctors).
    I think i'll like being a lawyer because i liked law school and was good at it. The one drawback being i need to cutback on weed which i probably should do regardless, the next 6 or 7 years will be the hardest of my life and im glad i'll still get to smoke to help me cope with the stress.
  8. i work at mcdonalds and feel like headbutting most of the people i work with.
  9. Electrician. Pretty cool job and the money is nice! Thinking about starting my own company in a few years...get my own trucks & a crew. Then be my own boss!
  10. I work at a Southwest-style fast food restaurant. I get to make food all day. Occasionally I cook the food and I'll even sample the last batch when I restock the meats just to make sure they taste as good or better than the last batch. (I know that's a mathematical impossibility but you know what I mean). In the back, they have cookie boxes that most of the employees (and even our Assistant Manager) eat during the shifts.

    But yeah, work all day, party all night.
  11. Hell yea man. I do deliveries for a local restaurant too
  12. Right now, I'm a busboy on the weekends, which is kickass. Everybody I work with is about the same age as me, and most of 'em smoke, and I get part of the tip pool every night, so I'm always getting more cash to buy weed. On top of that, since it's a restaurant, I get all the free drinks I want. I usually just sip on tea all night, but when it's not too busy and I'm pretty baked I'll get the bartended to whip me up a giant milkshake.

    Other than that I've got the week free, but I'm trying to get a job working part time at a Home Depot kind of place. Carrying all that heavy shit would help get me in shape a little, and then I'd be raking in the dough since I'd be working two jobs. The only thing keeping me from having the job is I have to pass the drug test I took yesterday, so fingers crossed.
  13. i work online. i sign up refs for a work at home biz

    it sucks balls. i wish i could get a real job, just not able to land one at the moment.

    ya wouldn't think it would be so hard to find people that need extra money. i mean i find people. but they just want it handed to them. nobody really wants to work at home.

    i don't either... i'm thinking about moving my office to my garage. then it would still be like i was going to work.
  14. Fucking Home Depot. I wanted a job there a few years back, because I had been exposed to all the tools and materials in the place, and I heard pay was good. But nooooooo, gotta be 18. Now that I am of age, I cant even work there cuz of fucking drug testing....

    I can never win lol
  15. heart broken that sounds like a sweet job. How did you get into that type of career, it sounds like something I'd enjoy. Did you need a specific degree to land it.
  16. i go to college but i work in the horticulture industry. i LOVE it. :p It's so relaxing. surrounded by plants, sunbathed in a greenhouse, and listening to music all day. :D
  17. I work at a grooming shop as the dogwasher, but I also do the preshaves of the dogs. Dogs get a preshave, then their bath and then their final cut and this makes the hair even, you really can't fuck a preshave up so they're pretty easy

    It's a nice job, the boss and most of the employees smoke so there's no drug tests, you have to love dogs because we don't cage them up, we let the big dogs run around and the little dogs go in their own area

    But, dog grooming is a pretty shitty business. Literally. Dogs shit everywhere, someone has to clean that up, dogs vomit, dogs get into fights. 125lb German Shepards named Schnapps hate having their paws touched and yet his 75 year old owner (who just wanted a German his whole life) insists on getting them not only cut but FILED. So you not only have to first get a muzzle onto the psychotic dog but then somehow file his nails down with a Dremel. It takes like 4 of us to do it. Groomers are filled with horror stories
  18. independent contractor

    i weed shit clean shit dig shit build shit and water shit

    for some old lady

    i dont work too many hours tho, i wish i was less lazy id prob b able to smoke more
  19. As a current film major in college this is good to know :hello:

    As for now I valet at a seafood restaurant. I can't really smoke up before/at the job because there are other people's cars involved. I have no issues with driving high but other people do so it would be a huge problem if someone happened to notice I was high. It pays pretty good and the work is super easy. I basically just chill and talk with my co-worker the whole night, occasionally having to get up to park a car or two.
  20. damn u guys make me jealous

    i get 8/hr to work my ass off constantly doing a job

    and u guys earn more just chillin at ur job

    guess its good practice for when i get a real job haha

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