What's your ID mean to you?

Discussion in 'General' started by 420freedme, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. I see many names that seem simple enough, but then I run across one that just baffles me. Some make me giggle and others make me wonder.

    I also know the simplest ID can hold great meaning to its owner. Mine seems very simple and actually can be taken as literal, but it holds more for me.

    420 an oz Freed me from no retirement. See what I mean?

    Thanks to all in advance. Inquiry minds want to know.
  2. Eric was taken. And apparently I like x's.

  3. obviously im on gc becuz im a toker

    and i usually love to toke right before sunrise or rite after sunset [twilight]

    even b4 i started smoking i found twilight to be the most beautiful time of day its like a whole new world is startin with the changing of the sky's colors and to me it was always breathtaking
  4. Keep
  5. Dipset,even though Cam fell off

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  6. And how! Alaskan sound mooching for halibutt at twilight freezing ones ass to the metal seat getting high. Awwww.

    I like xs to eric. :wink: Thanks guys. KSR :)
  7. Geetardude is my online username for every website I join. I love strummin' and I want it to be known. Perhaps I should have went a bit more "stonerish" on grasscity, but too late to change. Peace.
  8. My nickname is named after my love for Rahzel. I just took his name and Snoopdoggizzil-fied it
  9. I am a believer of the medicinal properties of the Herb. My name stems from the word, also the fact that MJ is being proven to help treat Alzheimer's.

    Medicine Alzheimers was too long, so Medicine Al it is!

  10. Killa clam I'm sorry but I truly dont know what your trying to convey w/the above. Could you do me a favor and explain Dipset? and cam fell off.

    Cool Geetar.

    rahizzle thanks for the post. I actualy like drop it while it's hot and Snoop himself.
  11. Al read my location.

    I'm living proof it helps heaps. My father and grandfather couldn't find their wallet or rember their names at my age.

    Thanking the weed for any memory, because it truly beats none.
  12. Cam'ron's nickname is killa cam,so I just changed it too clam....

    It was originally an E-mail adress,but the comic releif made me turn it too my screen name.

    I'm also a taurus and love water sign's for some strange reason.I also find water very peaceful..(dolphins)

    And last but not least..........I'm alergic to clams...........:p
  13. I don't know.
    But it smells like dankity dank!
  14. Name Diceman was given to me when i was 13 and ive just used it for everything since

    Im the real Dice bitches >=)

  15. Even at my age you learn more everyday. Thanks Mr clam, glad to meet you.

    Well, time to go for awhile. Med time. BBL
  16. My name means alot to me. Had it for more than a decade now haha. Even have "Phat Toi" tatted on my left shoulder.
  17. i love to roll jibs
  18. I was looking at a rasta-coloured bong when i signed up.

    It's the thing that occurred to me.

    I'm not even a Ras Tafari!
  19. Jolly Roger, is the name for the pirate ship flag, I've always loved pirates and wanted to be one LOL Horray buried treasure!

    22 is my fav number and 7 is lucky

    so behold JollyRoger227. :cool:
  20. lets just say i have a hobby of opening doors without a key...

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