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What's your highest high been like?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TagOverFonda, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. What's your highest high ever been like? Please describe. One time I was so high that I thought I was in ancient rome. Like I was seeing giant stone buildings and I could like create what I saw around me. I haven't been able to get that high since :/. Someone else on here described being really high as being in high def claymation which I think just describes being really high in general really well
  2. I thought I was in ancient mexico lol. like I was intensely visualizing rainbow golden pyramids that the sacrificed shit on. Another time (like the 3rd time i got high) I just laid back and thought I was a little kid again. And I saw all these shapes when I closed my eyes that just made me mega nostalgic for some reason. That was prolly one of the best feelings I've ever had in my life. It was fucking incredible
  3. i smoked a fat two-gram blunt out by the town lake at night with one of my former friends. i took frequent, quick hits and coughed until my lungs were on fire. this was around the time, maybe actually my fifth time getting high, that i was unfamiliar with marijuana use. i got lightheaded and thought i was going to pass out. gravity was murder on my soft legs. this freaked me out to such an immense extent. i had to sit down

    i began to focus on all the physical pain, like my bones crushing, my heart rate accelerating, my stomach folding in on itself, and the terrifying thoughts i was having that my friend did nothing about to help me with. all he wished was that he was as ripped as i was at the time. what a fucking asshole that kid could be. i was alone and afraid sitting on a small park bench with no one to save my soul. i felt like i would be safe after waiting out the pain for about two hours, which literally felt like a nightmare

    i saw a firefly go from my left eye to my right eye in 10 frames per second and the sound of a duck with an echo delay. when i kept my eyes shut, they raced back and forth. i didn't know what to do. i thought i needed medical attention or some form of assistance to calm my body down. i was not aware of panic attacks, or any being induced by marijuana since i was one of those people who always thought weed made you calm and had no potential to expand your mindset in a negative way

    out of nowhere, i worked up the confidence to follow my friend's suggestion to go back into the woods so he could finish the blunt to himself, since he was smoking me up on it. all the while, i made these jokes about him being fat, which distracted me from what i was feeling prior. i laughed so hard and so did he. the change in atmosphere and mood made me feel alive. the rest of the night was an intense visual experience :smoking:
  4. My highest high was last year at my local park. Smoked with this girl I just met and when I left my truck everything seemed like a Hey Arnold! cartoon. It was intense. I was this long legged character. I've never gotten near that high since:
  5. My highest high wasn't on weed :/
  6. though I was in super Mario...wait that was mushrooms...nevermind.
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    the first time i ever got high i smoked 3 bowls of some good quality bud between me and one friend. i was so high my whole vision was shaking and i couldnt move. my heart was pounding so fast yet everything seemed so slow. when i had to walk down the stairs i had to hold onto the walls... at one point i checked the time and and it was 3:40... wondered around for what seemed like a half hour, checked the time again and it was 3:45. i was literally too high to function.

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