Whats Your Hearthstone Deck?

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  1. Cmon now. I know some of ya'll play Hearthstone.
    Whats your Battle Net ID? We should play some games fur shizzle but im curious as to what decks you guys play the most.. how you play them etc.
    Im a heavy offensive Shaman. bringing the heat from card one lol

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    the fact that people actually buy into that shit makes me giggle...
    paying money for digital cards that probably won't even exist in a few years... hehe. what a great marketing idea though.
    at least magic and shit like that has physical copies and can be collectible...
    good on blizzard though, another way to generate money out of nothing!  :smoke:
    oh well, to each their own!
    .......its Free to play and you really can play it without paying a dime. Its a good game I haven't been playing it lately because I have other games to play but its a good one to jump on with a friend and play for fun.
  4. oh :) well okay.

    all i've seen are the cards you pay to buy. seems like you have an advantage too if you spend more money. i dunno.

    still, cool that you can play it free too! thanks for setting me straight, sorry to be so negative as the first response to the thread haha. i'm sure it's an alright game.
    guess it's just the idea of it and the company that made it that bugs me. :p
  5. Ya don't let the fact blizzard made it poison it for you. I haven't spent a sent and already have a decent gaggle of legendary cards and can compete with some tough mofo's.

    It's easy to get cards if you play arena frequently and you can disenchant cards and enchant any card also so you can sit there and build specific decks without paying a cent and still getting to use all the legendary and play with all the cards in arena.

    Pretty fun so far IMO

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