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Whats your guys opinion on joints?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stabbath, May 6, 2011.

  1. I seem to be the only guy IRL I know who doesn't like joints. I mean, if its someone elses shit and they are sharing then sure, I'll have a toke. But I almost always refuse to make joints out of my bud, even if a pro roller offers to make me one. It just feels like... such a waste (all the ones I've seen burn fast as hell and you seem to lose a fair bit of smoke in the air) plus as you get closer to the roach it starts tasting bad. I'd take a bong over a joint any day.
  2. i love joints, they are the most enjoyable way to smock imo. but bongs get you way higher with less tree. and about them burning fast, maybe just shitty roles?
  3. Because a summer day and fat joint go hand in hand. Plus they're more convenient and you get weird looks taking bong rips in the park.
  4. IRL? As opposed to?

    I don't mind joints, but I don't really care how I smoke to begin with.
  5. Yeah, the only pro to joints imo is how convenient and discrete they are.
  6. yea, they are a bit wasteful, but there is a certain pleasure in smokin one that no other piece can quite reach. its unique, every roll is a little different, you made it, and i personally love them. but yes, if youre conserving, go with the bong. or vape if you've got it.
  7. You've never seen one rolled by a pro if it was burning fast, any roller worth his salt can make a joint burn about as slowly as a blunt. I fucking love joints, I'm rolling one up right now.
  8. I hate joints and haven't rolled one in a long ass time. I always smoke from a bong, unless I'm on the go and then I use my one hitter.
  9. If i'm gonna roll anything, it's gonna be a blunt. Other than that I use pipes or bongs. I will smoke a joint if some one sells me one cheap or gives me one, but other than that I use a piece. I agree with it seeming to be wasteful, and I only smoke blunts if theres other people with me.
  10. I find joints pretty relaxing to smoke but don't roll them because I don't like wasting bud. I can't enjoy them fully because the sight of the smoke rolling off into the air is too depressing to me. If I had a virtually unlimited supply of weed to smoke I'd probably roll more but I don't so joints are reserved for special occasions.
  11. Haha...not a waste if ur smoking it
  12. I usually smoke out of a bong because I get way higher with less weed. But every now and then, when it's one of those "Lazy Sundays", I'll wake up, roll a spliff, and then go out on the balcony to watch the waves of the Pacific while I smoke. Great way to start the day.
  13. i just started smoking joints and i love them. so much fun
  14. I don't favor joints, to be honest. I only roll them when I have a lot of weed with me at a party (if everyone's feelin' it). A majority of the time I'm either ripping the bong or the vaporizer. Joint are nice, they're just not my thing.
  15. joints are the best thing on earth : ))))
  16. Blunts are like a million times better than joints
  17. I don't smoke often so it isn't an issue wasting a bit since not much of my money goes to weed anyways. Joints are just so chill, you just get to sit and smoke and relax. They also make for kick-ass walks.
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    joint are cool for portability ,but not so good for your lung,a blunt is far more worse for your lungs,any form of ingesting cannabis by combustion is not so good for your lungs,so bottom line i don't like joints,but this is all coming from a guy who loves vaporizing and cares about his health and that includes the lungs. oh and vapeing helps with conserving herb:cool:
  19. I have nothing against them, but I would definitely prefer using a piece over one
  20. I actually tried my first joint not to long ago, but I just started smoking regularly about 3 months ago. Even though it was a shitty roll and burned wayy to fast I liked it, but I prefer using a pipe or some kind of bubbler/bong

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