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  1. Just wondering who grows in what media and what made you decide that was your preference?

    What nutrient line do you use? Why that over other things?

    Favorite breeder?

    Keep mothers or grow everything from seed? Why?
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  2. Coco........MaxiBloom.
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  3. To answer my own questions

    Dwc. This is my go to because of absolutely no pest problems at all first. Second, it's much easier to get rid of water with no trace. 3rd, its easy to start over your res if you fuck up

    Jacks, some nectar stuff, recharge, and some fulvic humic mix. Cheap, same if not better results.

    They have all let me down. Rn, probably barneys farm, herbies or seedsmans own seeds as much as i hate 2 say it. I have spent so much money on hype, these places have provided more keepers than anyone for me without the hype price.

    I just take cuts, no mothers. No space, and don't see the point of keeping a mother in all honesty
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  4. Hey I know you
  5. Yes you do.
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  6. Seven, twenty gallon DWC systems, Aqua Canna nutrients clone/mother plant
    Seeds came out of the Netherlands
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    seed- organic -led -seed- organic -led -seed- organic -led -seed- organic -led - ...

    Repeat 40 years and counting the last 8 with the same soil, amended each time
    first grow with led, last of many was hps, like hunters above, seeds from the Dutch

    Why? taste obviously, if it don't get you wasted it sure tastes good
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    Last summer. I'd already taken a couple of plants as they got ripe.
    Southern California.
    In ground outside year round grow with 4 harvests per year.

    Aug 1st = Take clones off still veg stage plants / Plant seeds
    Oct 15th = Harvest, Transplant full veg stage pants into harvested holes Take Clones from same.
    Jan 1st = Same
    March 15th = Same
    June 1st = Set out summer veg plants.
    ( 2 month full summer veg gap )

    Plants run 10 weeks in veg and 10 weeks in flower. It usually takes me 3 weeks to root a clone and that leaves me 7 weeks to veg it up as big as I can. 10 week flower window it all revolves around. I veg in the shed under T5HO when I can and outside under lights and Sun when I travel and can't use the shed.

    Current set did most of their veg in the ground this cycle. I'll kill the lights when I get back to town to trigger flower. They will be ready to harvest March 15th.

    The hose water is high PH so I dust with Sulfur between plants and now use a bit of Ammonium Sulfate to pull the soil back in range from the push all that 8.5 PH water eventually causes. A one pound coffee can worth of Composted Chicken Manure when I plug in a new plant to flower along with the dusting of Sulfur keeps the worms happy.

    BT (Bacillus Thuringiensis) and a bug zapper for the inevitable Caterpillars and simple high PH water for the Powdery Mildew uses a minimum of agents and still keeps the crop clean.
    Shake it all with dry ice and a sawzall to 160-220 micron Kief for making into Capsules and toking. I haven't smoked bud in a decade.
    A Trichome or two.
    Put some of this in your pipe and smoke it. :)

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  9. 44E8A242-14D4-4D75-8581-BCF84F8F8380.jpeg Last summer I grew the six plants the state allows me to grow. I started them indoors in one gallon pots and put them out the end of April as foot and a half plants. The ground was previously un-worked adobo and really hard. Making a hole big enough to put them was real work! But I am 80 years old and just wasn’t up to making bigger holes, so that’s all the hole they got. I mulched with a few inches on chicken litter that was mostly wheat straw with a goodly amount of chicken droppings in it. Other than that I only watered them when I saw that were thirsty enough to be starting to wilt.
    I trimmed over 10 lbs. of bud.
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  10. Promix HP, maxibloom.
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  11. what states this ???

  12. Outdoors inground almost organic.
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  13. Living soil indoor. Large volume beds.
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  15. Living organic medium. Ease of growing and best flavor, smell and high.

    Water only


    Mostly from seed as I train to a mainline or an augmented mainline.
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  16. hempy/kratky top water passsive dwc. Hydroton media in a 10 inch net pot on a 3.5 gallon bucket. They get a 1 qt shot every 8 hours and a new bucket every 24 hours. 16 top mainline autos from Autoseeds,. Figure how much weed you got on a top and multiply it by 16, that's your yield. The water was too noisey, so I took my quiet 12v Hygger and put it on my 60 gal aquarium and now everybody is happy. I still use vermiculite to help prevent light leaks. But the hydroton is reusable, once you buy, you never need anything ever again. I boil it in distlled water. I owe it all to covid. Before that I was buying all the time. One by one the things I needed were hard to get. 50l of hydroton solved all that.
    I grew the first one dtw no reservoir, and when I saw it was a perfect but very small plant compared to soil or coco, I started fooling around with reservoir. I found a 1 qt shot every 8 hours produced a perfect kratky reservoir. The dripping through the hydroton keeps it oxygenated. No ice needed. I refrigerate the nute water, so it goes on the rocks at 55f.
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  17. Much respect for reusing your soil. You have surely saved thousands of dollars in your history growing. Better for the planet too.
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  18. years back I did DWC just to avoid the soil issue, only to be plagued with fungal infections and blockages, I've yet to fully try a kratky type grow that is popular in Texas even Australia
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  19. I found pure kratky to be a nighmare during veg. But if you start the way they finish it's perfect. I never have more than an inch or two in the bucket. Once you commit to hydroton the rest is the sons of mother invention. For me, hydroton beats any other medium I have ever tried, including pure perlite, pure coco and also coco/perlite or peat/vermiculite. The most expensive medium I ever used was organic soil.
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