Whats Your Great Fear?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by yuri-san, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. whats your greatest fear, not something like "spiders" i'm not asking what your phobias are. I'm asking what would scare you the most in the world? What would be so horrible u'd rather die than face?

    to me here it is: Imagine waking up, NOW waking up from this, imagine all of this being a dream.... you wake up being someone you dont know, somewhere you don't know, with people you don't know... in a totally different place, i mean not even on this planet. Thats IF we're actually on a planet...
    but what would make it worste, my fear is waking up that way, BLIND, unable to move, speak, or hear. Think about it, what could possibly be worste?

    tell me about your fears

  2. I'd say that mine would be.....

    Rape. Been through it...and if i can't kill the bastard outright..and know i don't have a chance....i'd rather die than face it again.
  3. wow thats serious sorry bout that :(

  4. yeah, sorry....i knew a few girls who been through rape and got PREGNANT!!! sorry boo, but shit happens for reasons.....look at Oprah, she got molested and now shes a rich fat ass.......

    but ay'ways, really, my worst fear is dying without seeing my lil sister grow up.....
  5. an unexpected death.

    things can go from peachy awesome happy to terribly wrong and deadly so quick sometimes, in the blink of an eye. i havent experience a quarter of what i want to with this life, and if i were to die, especially without seeing it comming, would be horrrible.
  6. another fear is dying witout saying goodbye to my fam....and leavin em behind....death dont scare, its wut im leavin.....
  7. hey amy,

    thats so shit, them people are just sick. i cant help but think society is failing in a big way and i want to apologise on behalf of being in a society where things like that still happen. its time to end the greed and self interest and get a communism going on. (sorry.. im ranting)

    my biggest fear...
    i think seeing a world where everybody is motivated by greed and self interest scares me the most. (thing is, we are nearley there)
  8. My biggest fear would have to getting stuck in a bad part of the "spiritual realm" and not being able to get back to my body during out of body experiences and astral travel and such.

  9. well my grates fear would have to be being tortured(emotionally) and frogotten by the one i truely love, and its happoned already, and if i ever have to get into deep detail about it, i would rather pull the trigger.

    rape is wrong
  10. I have already experienced my worst fear and that was finding out I could not conceive.I do fear meeting my ex who caused this because I would lose it completely and probably end up doing time.
  11. One of my crazy fears is gettin in the way of cars, got hit by one a while back when i was maybe 6, now i think dam what if im walkin and get hit by a car and die..... nobody i said bye to... dam
  12. I have no "great fear".

    Fear is the most powerfull tool that can be used against you.

    don't let them.

    seperate your fear.

    don't destroy it.

    just don't be controlled by it.

    like my standard Signature elsewhere says:

    We Are Psychenauts, And We Are Not Affraid.

  13. That's impossible so dont' worry about it. I know it seems that way, sort of like when you're tripping and you know you're hallucinating but still, it MIGHT be real, you never know....

    But yeah, my biggest fear..................... probably living forever, or living through a horrible pain.
  14. my biggest fear would deffinitly be that a giant epidemic outbreak happens and everyone turns into the walking dead or die.
    i know it sounds wacko but if you have seen 28 days later or dawn of the dead you'll know what im talking about


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