What's your funniest/hottest/worst sex story?........

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Miss_X, Sep 16, 2003.

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  1. What\'s your funniest/hottest/worst sex story?........

    Worst = got to be my first. the guy kept fussing with the damn condom and when we finally were rolling along, he lasted for like 6 minutes!

    Hottest = me and my bf had gone on a volutneer camping trip and were working with a bunch of kids for like 4 days. couldn\'t even touch each other the whole time but we had to bear working next to each other and constantly being with each other for all of those days...when the trip was finally over and the kids had left, we were so horny we had sex right after they had left in the middle of the forest (on a nice comfy blanket of course). that was the best ever!

    funniest = me and my bf had ben having sex in his little pool house place, and we were going at it pretty good. so good that we didnt here our group of friends walking into the backyard. finally they knocked and we yelled that we were coming, got our clothes on quickly, and greeted them like 5 minutes later, all out of breath, hair messy...it was obvious what we had been doing. so here are all of our friends just standing there pretending not to notice although it was very obvious that they knew. that\'s not the end though.......unfortunately my bf was also holding a videocamera (which we had not been using, honestly!) and a pack of condoms! and guess what i had stuck in my hair?.......oh yes....good times.....

    hahaha, dont have to post as much as that, but you get the idea........
  2. lol!!
    well i\'d love to tell u my hottest, but mines a secret;)(maybe another nite after a few drinks i\'ll leak it out, not likely but maybe)

    my funniest lol was my first. the poor guy, not like i knew exactly what to do myself, but i had a pretty frickin good idea.

    my worst would have to be the time that i had this crush, he was sooo cute, flit here flirt there, we finally got together and it just sucked. now that really sucks! i didn\'t let him know that, didn\'t have the heart. it was one of those fake an orgasm nites. lol:D
  3. im a dued so heres mine

    funniest: rollin around in the mud gettin my thing on, we were both laughin our asses off, didnt last too long though cuz its kinda hard to do stuff like that when you see mud on your gf\'s ass lol

    hottest: definitely in the movies, we were at the movie theator and it was empty besides me and her, and next thing you know, we were going at it like oblivot and kob do.

    worst: first time with my previous gf, she didnt know what she was doin, but we were in a lake so it was still kinda fun lmao
  4. For me, the hottest, funniest and worst all happened at the same time:
    It was quite some time ago, but I still remember it like it was yesterday.
    It took place at a nice little cottage on a few acres, out in the country that my live-in girlfriend and me were renting. It was a beautiful summer morning, and I had woken up on the couch with a wee bit of a hangover. After a couple of seconds trying to clear the cobwebs, I remembered the reason why I had gone to sleep on the couch the night before - seems my ol\' lady and me had had a big blowout, but for the life of me...I couldn\'t remember what it was over.
    \"Oh well\", I thought \"I\'m sure it will come back to me\". So I proceeded to do the only thing I know that works for refreshing my memory in that type of situation - I popped open a cold beer, and clicked on the tv.
    It was right about that time, that I heard my girlfriend getting up in the back bedroom, and when she came into the kitchen to make some coffee, she shot me a glare that brought the events of the previous evening all back into perspective.
    See, she came from a big family. With emphasis on the word \"Family\". Her relatives (and there were lots of them) liked to have \"family get togethers\" for just about ANY occasion you could possibly imagine - \"It\'s Uncle Dale\'s and Aunt Sylvia\'s 25th wedding anniversary\" or \"Cousin Joey just got a promotion\". You name it. It was ridiculous. It got to the point where I found myself checking the calander, so I could make up excuses to forgo any unforseen terrors that may fall on April fool\'s day, or Martin Luther King\'s B-day.
    Well, to make a long story short, There I was, sitting on the sofa in my boxers, drinking a 42 oz. King Cobra, watching the ball game. And there she was, towering over me pointing fingers, and making accusations, still in her nightie and hair all askew - when all of a sudden, out of the blue - I could feel myself getting extremely horny. So I acted on instinct, and just stood up, looked her in the eye, and dropped my shorts while - \"Sproiiiing\", my \"significant other\'s\" unexpected guest appearance ended the conversation right then and there.
    Well she must have been about as horny as me, because she just stared at it, with kind of a thoughtful look on her face. That was when I said \"c\'mon. I know you want it\". Next thing I knew, she was on her knees, and the tip of my pole was bending like I had just landed a lunker bass. \"Oh yeah\" I thought \"Fish on\"!
    We proceeded to have what was undoubtedly, the HOTTEST sex I have ever had in my life, yet at the same time, it was kinda FUNNY, because she was hating me, and calling me a selfish bastard while I was doin her. But the fact that I enjoyed doin her, with her all angry, also made it the WORST time for me, because later, after she had gone, I thought \"this must be the thrill that a rapist gets when he takes someone against their will\".
    So, that\'s my story. Hoped ya liked it.( I sure did, but once is enough, thank you).

    PS: Kids, don\'t try this at home.
  5. I never usually write on these things but to be honnest I felt I might do for once.

    Worst is when my mum walked in on me and my ex girlfriend mid coitus.

    Funniest- when my ex\'s brother came into the room as I was putting my last sock back on (of two socks). laughed at us both and walked out again.

    Hottest- is my business.
  6. man, these are really fun to read......they\'re making me kind of horny............hahahaha
  7. *raises eyebrows* where you from again miss x????????
  8. lol this chick\'s game.
  9. come on, anything about sex makes you horny while you\'re high.....wait a sec, anything about sex makes most people horny even when not high......ah, i\'m so confused...

    hahaha, more stories! more stories!
  10. well my WORST experience with sex ever had to be today.

    this is the longest ive ever gone without sex. but then, ive broken this record everyday of my entire life...

    (yea, you get what im saying. too bad)
  11. holy shit

    funniest-on the beach without a blanket sand and salt water in the ass crack, we had a laugh after that one

    hottest-me and my lady and my friend, my girl is hot but my friend is hotter, a lil mushrooms and some bomb ass chron
    that was the most exciting hot and sexually pleasurable 2 hours ive ever experienced, we were at a condo in vegas

    it was bad ummmmmmm no

    it was gooooooooooooooood

    my worst-ahhhhh man, it would have to b the time when maria came back from diego, ne ways this girl is startin to put her mouth my cock and and my homo friend ruins it and ive never seen her again

    or when my mom and dad r suposed to b out of town but there flight was delayed and ur humpin on their couch and they walk in the front door thats a worst too

  12. LMAO! I\'ll pass on the exact stories, thanks!

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