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Discussion in 'General' started by Vash86, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. I'm rather new to .. smoking, I admit it. However the times that I have smoked, which is a lot in the last few months :wave: I've rolled them myself and I also bought a small pipe. Back to the point though, I was wondering what you all liked to smoke with, a bong/joint/pipe/what have you.

    Was just thinking about it, cause I've been reading about bongs here and there and from what I've read it seems that smoking from a bong is a better high than a joint? Anyhow, any feedback or suggestions or just small talk would be cool. Bout to go watch grandma's boy :smoke:.

    Have a nice night yall.
  2. bong.

    welcome to GC! :wave:
  3. Just do whatever makes you happy or please you most. Sometimes I feel like smoking bowls to the dome while other times I just feel like chilling on a nice joint.
  4. i always love smoking a fat ass blunt, but yeah bongs get you good
  5. If I'm smoking solo, I'll use my trusty skull bowl. If I've got a few people over, I pull out the ghetto five-gallon bucket gravity bong.
  6. Ice bong, blunts are my least favorite
  7. Vaporizer all the way.
  8. one hitters or my pipe
  9. a swisher or my bong? im cought between a blunt and a hard place:smoke:
  10. a joint to the face is the quickest way to get blazed, for me. but i love my bubbler.

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