Whats your favourite strain?

Discussion in 'General' started by kdawg416, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Just got some green crack from the dispensary and holy shit I'm amazed ! Definitely my #1!

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  2. My favourite strain is Cannabis.. or whatever the hell is growing in my cupboard.
  3. Had an eighth of some "Cannaloupe Kush" Last week, man it was nice.
  4. Just had some trainwreck. Smooth hits slow burn very potent. At first your chill then BAM! RKO OUTTA KNOW WHERE!! Rate: 9.5

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  5. Currently: afghani cat piss kush
  6. Blueberry Kush
  7. when I did smoke flower, green crack was my favorite! Just not the dispensary stuff, i had to painfully seek street dealers for good green crack, anyone who knows green crack knows it's distinct smell.
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    GDP and Cheese are two that I like (the cheesy smelling/tasting strains are always good)

    Last summer, a friend picked up some bud that had noticeable purple in it - but the very best part of this stuff was that it smelled just like a tropical fruit! It was the BEST smoke I have had up to this point! - my grinder smelled tropical for a week after.

    Unfortunately, the guy he got it from didn't know what strain it was - would LOVE to get more of that stuff, whatever it was...
  9. Lately been liking Power Africa and Mt. Hood Magic (Durban Poison)

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