What's your favorite weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by SmokinTHEdope, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. I'm sure there's a topic about this already, I don't feel like looking for it.

    My dealer has sold me pretty fat bags of Sour D and Hawaiian Kush. Got me really ripped.
  2. Sensi Star is a good at home weed, I absolutely love it but it mellows me out like none other
  3. topic pops up every week , but skunk 1 and lemon g
  4. Northern Lights or Blueberry <3
  5. ive been smoking lemon skunk and i gotta say this stuff doesn't dissapoint. Best weed ive ever had.
    so my favorite is deff the lemon skunk.. oddly enough it smells of a real strong mango smell too. the smell is incredible
  6. My favorite smoke is any pure Sativa. I find it impossible to find these days since everyone seems to want Indica or Indica/Sativa hybrids.
    The last time I had a pure Sativa was in 1993 in Amsterdam.

    The BEST bud I ever smoked was Buddha Sticks out of Bangkok.

    In the 70's Hash Oil was available and even though I have only smoked regular oil, it was fantastic and had an awesome aroma. I have always wanted to try Honey Oil but was never able to get my hands on any:(.

    Why is it Canada has lot's of Hashish but here on the west coast of the U.S.A. I can't find one single hit of Hashish?
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  8. Every now and then we get different types of Kush, they called this batch the triangel kush witch supposidly has 3 crosses, aside from that probably the Hash Plant. Best I've ever smoked was Resivour's Chemhaze SourD, which is what I'm going to order again this time around, unless he has a new strain or something else catches my eye.
  9. Sour D is one of my favorites. It gets me really really ripped and then i basically get to the point of passing out. Also, the high lasts me about 4 hours.
  10. my favorite is the green kind. pretty much as long as it isn't brown, i'll smoke it. i like the kind that gets me high. i'm not picky.
  11. I can only get regs around where I live but when I move out I'm gonna be growing some dank for myself, probably various types of kush, especially OG kush.
  12. This local strain called cannabis, but some people call it marijuana.

    shits dank
  13. Afghan Trainwreck fa sho.
  14. If someone calls it OG Kush it's probably just a given name unless you get it from a club or cafe. OG can only be found in clone form making it EXTREMELY rare, although there are crosses available therefore you'll eventually get a phenotype with more OG in it than the other parent. I recall a thread on a growing forum where a man payed over $1000 for a donzen OG clones, he was extremely pumped because now he can smoke OG for the rest of his life if he keeps the strain going healthy.
  15. I prefer some Sour D

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