Whats your favorite weather to smoke in?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jordan21, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. that reminds me, another sick place to smoke... an igloo/snow cave!!!! Livin in new england we do this all the time an man is it cool hot boxing the cave :D
  2. smoking a blunt while snowblowing my driveway is the fuckin best!!
  3. Fog & woods! Or Northern Lights!
  4. I love that feeling......:D
  5. winter when the vapours are visible and its rainy with lots of noise
  6. mmm love smoking during storms too.

    but i would have to say my favorite is super early in the morning, when it is starting to get light but no sunrise yet. dew in the air. a little chilly out but not cold. something magical about this time of day, and i rarely get to see it.
  7. Nice and warm, like 25 celsius, humid, and foggy. I love going on walks when it's like this, everything is just so... wonderful, for lack of a better word lol. :D
  8. The weather that seems to occur 90% of the time in Dublin (overcast, occasional drizzle), that's my favorite weather. Maybe I should move there...
  9. Dark, overcast, and rainy. Perfect weather.

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