Whats your favorite weather to smoke in?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jordan21, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. a nice warm summer night with a full moon out
  2. Pretty much right the weather it is now in this season. Exactly what is was a couple days ago.

    A warm October day, the green leaves are just turing the trees to fire. A clear blue sky, with a stream of wavey clouds off in the distance. Tempuratre around 70 in the sun. And in the shade of the trees around 60.
    So when your walking throught the park in the shade of the trees. Your a little chilled, you come to a little part in the trees, that gleams just a bit of sunshine onto your the path. You walk into that sunshine and it feels like a warm invisible smoke blanket....
    Woah im baked...

    but yeah that:smoke:
  3. Heavy rain because it is really easy to find places to smoke without getting caught.
  4. in my truck, late at night with a thunder storms in the horision, on the way to somewhere fun, with some slow music on and the subs thuddin
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    Absolutely terrible weather. Thunderstorms, blizzards, hurricanes, tornado-watches... depends on the season.

    And, you know, where I am in the world at the time.

  6. same here i love tokin a blunt in storms it feels so good i remember trying white window when there was a flood it was awesome other then that a cold winter night is best "condition" for me im not into summer rather eat some edibles in the summer
  7. After reading a bunch of other peoples answers I think I'm gonna change mine to in a shed in the middle of a crazy rain storm. There's something calming to me about loud rain and thunder. Plus lightning is freakin awesome to watch while tokin:smoke:
  8. You can't really smoke outside during Fall or Winter here...it's just too windy and/or cold...such a pain in the ass.

    I would just go with a wonderful, sunny summer day :)
  9. In Hawaii it's always humid and warm, but at night you get that tingly cold wet feeling in the air.
  10. I don't like to smoke weed when it's windy and cold outside because it doesn't feel like I'm getting high at all. I think the cold numbs my senses and the wind blows away the smoke and I can't see what I'm exhaling, so my brain thinks I'm not exhaling anything, ergo I'm not getting high. But as soon as I get back in my car or back inside the apartment, the high catches up with me:smoke: .
  11. A sunny fall day with the temps in the 50's.:smoke:
  12. Cold. Cold cold cold. In the morning, early enough to see the sunrise, on the side of my house with my neighbor, brother, and my boyfriend with my pipe. I got to do this a couple of times here recently, but Texas weather is so stupid and random. It's hot, now :(
  13. This except in a car with music blasting :smoke:
  14. On a mountain around 11am with 60 degree weather wearing a light sweatshirt, smoking a blunt. PERFECT :cool:
  15. winter, hotboxing your car outside in freezing weather with the heaters on is one of the best feelings man could come to know
  16. Fav = Thunder, lightning
    2nd = Nice clear sunny day
    3rd = Raining, pouring
  17. In a downpour, with nothing between me and nature but a little smoke.
  18. either windless, 65-70 degree sunny weather, or all out thunderstorms.
  19. this!
  20. Smoking a blunt outside in the snow was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

    I live in Alabama and it has only snowed here like fucking 2 times in a billion years.

    There was supposed to be snow the next day so me and 2 other friends planned to wake and bake at 8 A.M.

    There was about 3-4 inches of snow. It was fucking awesome.

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