Whats your favorite weather to smoke in?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jordan21, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. So i was just smoking before i go to take a shower and i was sitting next to a window, and there was a thunder storm going on an it was soo cool smoking abn that happening right in front of my face!!

    But whats your favorite weather/season to smoke in?
    An whats your favorite "condition" to smoke in? Like what would be the best situation for you to smoke in (i cant rlly think of how to explain what i mean) but heres an example: my ideal place to smoke would be me in a hammock either sitting in a forest/beach/ on my deck while its snowing with a blunt/bong in my hand and they would have the dankest stickiest bud ever to exist. Yea that be awsome hahaha
  2. Your scenario sounds cool :)

    I love smoking in the woods. It's like the world changes when you smoke.

    Go somewhere cool and natural and peaceful, then smoke a dub....and wander about a bit, it's amazing :)

    When I get out of the army, I'm going to blaze my way up the Appalachian Trail...just cause it's so life changing to smoke doing cool ass shit :)
  3. A clear day, 70ish degrees in the beginning of summer. Nothing like just laying in the backyard with the perfect atmosphere.
  4. yessss
  5. My best tokes have always been wake and bakes in the Fall/Winter. If only it snowed near me...
  6. sittin on the roof, smokin a J, watchin the sun come up almost every morning this summer...serene.
  7. On a porch with heavy rain and lightning everywhere.
  8. 70 degree weather
    beutifal day out
    blue sky, couple clouds
    chilling with my best friends and some girls
    couple of bud light limes
    and A LOT of bud
    music playing

    just straight chillin
  9. that ^ er an early morning with a thick blanket of fog that creeps along with you as ya puff :D
  10. 60 degrees, wearin a hoodie begginning of fall
  11. I like smoking in fall weather. When the air is crisp and has a lol chill. Also all the changing leaves add to everything. A nice sunny fall aftenoon:smoke:
  12. Snowy... while it's dark out. Or a rainy day.

  13. Both of these spots top the cake for me.

    Maybe add a walk in the woods with the fog... No bugs though!
  14. yes! fog n woods is a go :D
  15. On the river, chillin overlooking with a sunny day and a few whispy clouds. 70s and a cool breeze.

    I am pissed summer weather is leaving..But the leafs changing colors is always nice!:hello:
  16. And add a perfect mutha fuckin cheeseburger to all of these that will make it perfect
  17. Dead of winter , bundled up, in front of a bonfire. Smoking out of a nice spoon piece
  18. i just finish rolling up a nice ass jay full of some straight up kush as i look up from my lap to the ocean. i'm sitting up high about 70-80 ft up in a nice big oak tree. i can see storm clouds a couple miles out and think "damn, hope it doesn't rain." it does. but not on me out over the water, it looks inteeense. i put the joint to my lips and just taste the dankiness of this bud. i pull out my orange light and ignite. as i start to drag off the plane it all hits me. the smell, the taste, the aroma of the bud, all of it amazing. i let out the smoke and take another nice long drag and pass it to my friend. as i blow out the smoke i exclaim "yup.. i'm already high haha." he starts to laugh and takes his rips and soon says the same thing. as he passes the joint back to me i'm startled by a loud ass fucking noise. it's thunder (or lightning idk the different don't ruin this for me) and it starts going nutsss. the rest of the joint we don't say a word just stare at the storm and it's amazement.
  19. Weather doesn't really matter, just having some time to relax on my roof. Sounds so good right now. Haha. :D
  20. In a kayak, in the middle of a lake. It would be moderately raining. Not too heavy, not too light. I would be wearing a Nubrella (+rep if you know what a Nubrella is, lol). It would have wipers so I could still see, or I'd have a way of clearing it, either way. And I would just sit and listen to the rain on the water and take bong rips. Tell me that wouldn't be sweet.

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