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Whats your favorite way to toke?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Gothkid_420, May 8, 2003.


whats your favorite way to toke?

  1. Waterbong/waterpipe

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  2. pipe

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  3. joint

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  4. other

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  1. Yo all whats your favorite way to Toke your weed?
  2. my favorite way to toke up is with a water bong with friends like pipe_420
  3. Right now, I am real into joints.. I'm trying to save a 10 gallon ziplock bag of roaches so I can make hash outta them... I've got like 24 roaches right now... but when I get my own place I will def toke wit the bong..
  4. yo punky world thats a kool idea but a 10gallon ziplock bag is pretty big plus you could probably make a 2 second generation joints with 24 roaches
  5. I have 4 diferent ones and pipes work out the best for me. I suck at rolling joints and if I'm road trippin' I can take my lil'wooden pipe along and away I go...
  6. pipe! i love my glass spoon! oh baby!
  7. i am a BLUNT man, can't live with it, can't live without it. There are so many different ranges ov flavas and it gets u so HIGH! :)
  8. yeah I know.. i'm gonna see if I can do it without smoking the roaches...

    My spoon has been neglected these past few weeks.... It's still not through changing yet, but I might have to break in to those roaches if I run outta weed before next wed when I get paid..
  9. ROOR!!!!!!!!!
  10. man! i thought waterbong/waterpipe would be the leading way to toke but i geuss people like their joints/blunts. but hey i could never turn down a fatty.
  11. I'm all about the joints.....oh yeah
  12. I feel like a true whiteman when I sit on my driveway and smoke a fat joint with a friend at 11 o'clock at night.. Its the most enjoyable part of my day. We just chill and reflect the day..
  13. Only smoke blunts...hit a bong once in a great while
  14. icewater bongs all the way here, blunts when on the go/at someones house with no bong
  15. Hot and ice water in my bongs #1
    joints/blunts if enough people are around #2
  16. Blunt man here.
  17. I'd say I enjoy smoking pipes the most, easy and portable (no worries of crushed jays), but on the other hand I love a good fattie -- all the resin build up at the end gets some mighty fine hits, not much of a bong person... but i'll prob invest in one soon and it will take over most of the good herb.
  18. Id have to say deffinetely my bong. I love it...yep
  19. bubbler 4 life...

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