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What's your favorite way to smoke kief and why?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SeviKodkod, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. Let's hear it!
    I've been smoking mine in my bong mostly, but I feel like there's better uses for it, cause it keeps burning after I toke, wasting a bunch of it. I've been thinking maybe it'd be better to vape it in my butane vaporizer, but I'm worried it won't burn hot enough, or like, would it melt into a tar on the inside of the bowl?
  2. I simply sprinkle a bit over a small bowl of bud.
    I keep my flower in an airtight jar with a screw top.
    I'll turn the jar upside down and gently shake it.
    The kief collects in the lid. I just wipe it up with my finger and flick it onto the bud waiting in the pipe.
  3. I usually pack a little herb in my bong slide, cover it in some kief, and rip it all at once. That way you aren't wasting any, and I can just pack another one if needed. I prefer just packing snapper packs on bongs in general, every hit is a green hit that way

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