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Whats your favorite way to get high without toking???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GimmieMore, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. I really like weed ramen noodles..... Its the shit. Just made some, eating them on an empty stomach. I'll prolly smoke a pinner about 30-45 minutes after I finish.

    What do you guys like???

    Edit: Here's how you make weed ramen noodles.

    1. Boil water with about an 1-2 inches of butter and drop in your weed.. I used at least 2-3 grams, but use your discretion....

    2. Boil 20 mins

    3. Make ramen noodles, add seasoning to taste,and more water if need be.

    4. Enjoy! And make sure you drink the juice.... its a little rough with the butter, but its totally worth it.

  2. Fly in an airplane.

    Yeah ramens got all that MSG in there, that shit'll fuck you up. I drink energy drinks from time to time/every day. Its harder to give those up than it is to give up weed lol.
  3. firecrackers or vaporizing
  4. What, weed ramen noodles? Explain this please.
  5. make some cannabutter then cook the noodles in the butter for a little.
  6. ^^basically, yeah
  7. Never heard of the noodles thing, but sounds like a decent idea... But I'm into gourmet brownies, my friend and I make them from scratch with premium ingredients and all, and the cannabutter is usually about a quarter of headies shake. They're not absurdly strong, but they're extremely pleasant, taste awesome, and are the perfect consumption method for pregaming for a party, or just spending an evening in front of the TV...
  8. Usually if i aint smoking any weed i just make firecrackers aww thos are the bomb shit man.
  9. my gift to the world

    ganja pancakes

    cannabutter and pancake stuff

    it does the trick
  10. Vape.

    The only good cannabis recipes i know of are complicated and required awhile to make, such as Bhang. They're fun, but not simple.
  11. do a line of crushed hot cheetos

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