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What's your favorite way to do a Secret Smoke?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Buzz, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. OK, we all know you've got the badass 5' bong or can roll the Bob Marley spliff at home...but what're your favorite tricks for sneaking hits in public? Do you have a 1 hitter & smoke a cig at the same time for camo? Do you palm a joint w/friends? Or do you just light up & don't give a damn!

    I've sneaked it a buch of ways, but I bet you've got a few tricks you can share....
  2. Honestly around where I live nobody really gives a shit whether or not your smoking pot as long as you arent fucking shit up, but whenever bait rolls around we usually just spark a D for cover.
  3. a joint in one hand a cig in the other, if a po po shows up you toss the j.

  4. must be nice to burn it freely in public...
  5. i used to smoke outside all the time, when i lived with my mom we would just walk to the park across the street and sit on a park bench hitting the bong. nobody ever cared, i just dont worry about gettin caught
  6. i just take out my pipe and just do it, nobady really say's anything so...
  7. what about in a bar?
  8. The answer to this question can be described in 2 simple words. Cloak Toke. A Cloak Toke is when you are in a high profile area and you want to smoke weed. One-Hitters and pipes work best for this situation but can be performed with a variety of smoking devices. Also required for this move is a t-shirt, jacket, blanket, or sweatshirt. Tight fitting tops, like the ones hot girlies wear, will not suffice in this situation. If you are wearing one of those, you best find a blanket, jacket, or sweatshirt before you attempt a cloak toke. Ok, now we're ready. First, pull your arms through the arm holes on your shirt so your arms are on the inside, or put them inside your shirt through the bottom. You will have the pipe and lighter in your hands. Next, pull your head through your shirt. You are now alone with your pipe and lighter. Look around, you won't see anyone. Now, light the lighter and toke; inside your shirt/jacket/sweatshirt/blanket. Be careful not to burn your eyebrows off. Study the physics of the lighter before you light it that close to your face so not to scorch you mug. Ok, now you have succsessfully toked weed inside your cloak chamber and are free to return your arms through the proper holes and stash the pipe. At the same time, you may also remove your head from your shirt/jacket/sweatshirt/blanket with a grin and release the hit as needed. This move is also performed when it is too darn windy to adequately ignite the lighter for toking. Also can be done to light a cigarette, just pull your head farther back as not to burn the neck of your shirt with the freshly lit cherry. Enjoy the Cloak Toke.

    P.S. I am sure this has been done by thousands of others, but do they have a name for it? Doubtful. This move and many others along with different dialects can be found on Weed Guide 2.0 once it is released. For now, review some classic moves and fouls at


  9. the more youre paramoid about it the worse.. just casually walk down the street .. no one is goin to stop you and question what youre smoking if you are discret and arent nervous about it. if youre inside.. i very sneky way to smoke is to attact fluffy toilet paper or paper towels .. double them to where you have about 5 pieces of T.P. and attract wit a rubber band on to a cardboard toilet paper thingy and when you go to release the smoke.. blow into the cardboard t p.. and that covers MOST of the smell.. works many times for me.. and try putting a blanket over the crack in your door.. the makes sure the air stays in one room.. and open a window.. works in no time
  10. i just get all the tobacco out of a black and mild and then stuff it full of bud. that way it looks like a regular cigar with a tip.
  11. hah nice shaggy picture mary jane.

    i do most of my public smokin in the car , i find parking lots are usually the best spots. If you can find a crowded parking space but it had a section like in the corner with like 5 6 open spots your all set cause you got your own lil area for privacy but the parking lot is still full enough that if a cop drives by they arent gonna notice you as easily. (parking in a completly empty parking lot is just way to obvious). I havent had any real problems doin it that way,
  12. i have a little metal pipe that is shaped like a cig, and painted to look like one. you can pack like a nickel in there, and if don tightly you can hit it like 3 or 4 times. it's great for like just walkin around or on a park bench.

    There was this guys who hung out in front of a coffe shop in berkely. He was like 65 -70 years old and he smoked a sherlock type classy lookin wood pipe, and he would cut is tobaco with weed and just sit there and toke. He used to smoke and drink coffe, or wax poetic to collage girls. I hope im like that when im old
  13. i dont keep it a secret... i go smoke walkin down the street..... if ya'll dont like it, then u can eat me!

  14. is that an offer?


    well my theory is if you don't look ur up to something... no one will bother you.... cause when ur walking around puffin outside, no one can really see what in your hand anyway.... the only thing to throw off the illusion would be the smell....
    but as long as your casuing no trouble or looking like your up to something, no one really cares.
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  15. i had a move i developed with a buddy a while back.

    we would both wear a big baggy snow jacket. and walk down the street toking. whenever people came around or anything suspicious, the person holding the weed would just pull their arm into thier jacket, so there was no doobie floating around or smoke pouring off easy to see. worked great.

    If you want to smoke in public, smoke a joint.

    You can eat a pipe when the pigs come.

    (Mind you all this was before I got old and mature and realized that noone in this podunk town could give a damn about smoking. My ONLY rule, ABOSOLUTELY NO SMOKING when there are children present, it just sets a bad example, plus i can remember being a little kid and being scared of all the older punk smoking all around. i always thought theyd go nuts and kill me (reefer madness at its best i guess...)
  16. Going through the trouble of pulling your shirt over your head and all that.. Eh, what's the point. I'd rather wait til later when I can smoke openly and in comfort.

  17. same here! 'sept for the eat me part.
  18. ditto

    i just roll a few before going out, and just smoke 'em on the street like it was a normal sigg. trick is to roll them like they look like normal handrolled cigarettes, so no 3 paper jobs, or any tricks like that :)
  19. Me and my friends walked down 5th Avenue thru Times Square in NYC on a saturday afternoon with one of those cigarette looking bat pipes. You just be discreet when loading it and passing it and smoke it like a cig. ;>
  20. Cali TOker- hell yeah !! smoking in cars is awesome. you hot bow that bitch and you can get soo ripped.. its awesome. as long as it aint fuckin hotter than hell then you're straight. but .. i def recommend it too !!!

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