What's your favorite version of Alice in Worderland?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by dumhole327, May 7, 2011.

  1. So I'm gonna get really baked tonight and was planning on watching this movie, but I was wondering whether you guys prefer the Disney animated version or the new live action with Johnny Depp? I've only seen the animated but that was when I was maybe 5 years old so I remember absolutely nothing about it. Which one is trippier/more conducive to watching high in you guys' opinions?
  2. Disney one.
    The new one I haven't even watched because of all the dark undertones.

    I feel that Wonderland should be wacky and weird not depressing and dreary.
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    Have you read the book?.. I prefer the Disney one only because I like it better as a cartoon
  4. Yeah, the book is pretty dark and dreary - and actually so is the animated Disney.

    I dunno that I even have a favorite, there's SOOOOO many and each has something special to offer. There's a great British version from the 60's that I have with Peter Sellars.

    The new Burton is quite good, and a great modern take.
  5. The Czech one or whatever, is just too creepy. I didnt like it. Disney one is my favourite, and I didn't really enjoy Tim Burtons one - didn't really feel like a legit Burton movie. :(
  6. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are gay for each other and that movie was garbage.

    The original animated movie is the way to go.

    Or Alice On The Wall (pink flloyd's the wall audio over original animated movie)
  7. The 1951 version for sure especially if you have it on blu-ray :smoking:- trippy as fuck.
  8. original disney. it just doesn't translate into live action as well, to me at least. I wish disney would do a new one, purely through the looking glass.
  9. Disney is the way to go, but the book is the best and is possible to read in one sitting. My copy is only 100 pages.
  10. disney version. ive seen the new one.. it was entertaining.. but not nearly as good as the original..
    and the book was good.. pretty short so i actually read it (i usually avoid books)..
    but i think because of the nostalgia behind it (for me).. the disney movie has it done right.

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