What's your favorite type of music to listen to when...

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Anybodykilla, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. Whats your favorite kind/s of music to listen to when high?

    I say, mine is Anything from Psychopathic Records, or bust out Moonlight sonata from beethoven that shit is creepy as hell sounding when ur high!
  2. I usually like reggae and punk when high. Sometimes I'll slip into oldies or alt rock. I've also been known to get really stoned, put Rammstein in and zone out for long periods of time. I wonder if my subconcious is absorbing what my concious mind can't understand in those german lyrics.

  3. LOL you never know. but ya rammstein, i havent listened to them for a long time, but ya i use to, they are pretty tight, German version or English version.lol
  4. German of course....thats the whole experience. Part of it is not knowing/caring what the dude is saying, and just listening to the kick ass sound.
  5. I listen to TOOL and APC. They are the best bands to listen to. I don't know what the style is called (more present in TOOL than in APC) but I love it. I also listen to a band named Ra. They aren't the most well known, or here at least.

    Anyone like me?
  6. Tool
    System of a Down
    Shpongle (trippy as hell.. www.shpongle.com)
    and techno shit while watching the triptastic winamp visual stuff
  7. twiztid, icp, blaze, sublime, third eye blind, 3-6 mafia, lil john and the eastside boys, it all depends how i am feelin
  8. who in here likes Redman or Devin the Dude? two rappers who rap about nothing BUT smoking weed
  9. Tool, Pink Floyd, Modest Mouse, Tricky, almost anything electronic, and when driving around and there's jack shit on the radio, I choose the classical station.

    It depends on my mood, but I like anything that's experimental sounding, uses a lot of textures, or anything with a lot of bass.
  10. i listen to the same stuff i listen to when im sober but i do find myself bustin out the more mellow cds durin a smoke session. Im into rap music mostly but seems like bob marley gets put on the cd player alot when we are just loungin in the apartment blazin, i think bob marley and weed is a major stress realiver
  11. Jerusalem, from Alpha Blondy.

    i go now and turn it on.
  12. man i love classic rock when im stoned. led zeppelin, the eagles, pink floyd, the doors, jimmy buffett...oh yeah!
  13. i luv listening to Aphrodite when stoooned
  14. redmans "how to roll a blunt" is a great song. and very informative. lol
  15. Modest Mouse, Wu Tang, and Mariner.

  16. I like just about any music but these are a few of my curent favorites.
    CYPRESS HILL---hits from the bong-I wanna get high-dr green thumb-high times-stoned is the way of the walk-

    NINE INCH NAILS-- an of there albums
  17. luke you got some good taste in music, we should swap some songs sometime.
  18. I listen to punk bands like:

    Against Me!
    Black Flag
    Circle Jerks
    The Germs
    A Global Threat
    Minor Threat
    etc... all the time, high or not.
  19. Sublime, Tool, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, Deftones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and System of a Down.

    Oh, almost forgot Tenacious D
  20. Mostly classical music, Celtic. I just love the Violin, I wish I could play it :(

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