what's your favorite type of benzo?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by highdayz, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. Xanax, klonopins, valium, ativan, roaches etc etc

    what do you prefer. I myself am stuck between bars and roaches :smoking:
  2. XANAX! But Valiums are enjoyable aswell.
  3. i like xans for sure.. what are roaches?
  4. ya wtf are roaches?

    mines xanax and i've done every benzo currently on the market in the u.s. except rohypnol. waking up with a sore asshole under a bridge doesnt sound that cool imo
  5. kolonopins are my personal favorite :hello:
  6. Personally, valium for me. I haven't experimented with anything aside valium and xanax also.. So I can't quite say which I like best as of yet!
  7. "son" i know.
  8. so call em roofies

    not roaches which could be confused for joint roaches or blunts.

    or maybe im worng. im just gonna rename all my percocets pipes, my my codeines chronic, my soms are gonna be spliffs, morphine can be money.

    then im gonna call you up and be like dude im coming over with a bag of chronic, some fat spliffs, a pipe, and a pocket full of money. good idea.
  9. clonazepam has best euphoria

    alprazolam knocks me out the best

    diazepam puts me in a sort of "haze" which is good...worry-free haze haha, but not as GABA-ergic as clonazepam
  10. i love love love xanax
  11. ativan all the way
  12. Xanax. But I like Valium if I have enough of it
  13. How is Valium compared to Xanax?

    Which gives a more euphoric effect?
  14. Valium.. I actually get a nice body buzz... xanax just makes me zone out, get tired, and forget shit
  15. haha lmfao.. :bolt:
  16. i think its different for everyone.. xans are too intense for some and just make them fall asleep.. ive been on and off benz for a lot of my life so valium and ativan are so weak to me.. even klonopins are like whatever anymore..
  17. roofies are seriously a benzo? i never knew that.. :metal:

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