whats your favorite thing to smoke out of

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  1. i like to rip bongs
    its funny when you get someone to take a huge hit and they cough until they throw up
  2. Not reeally an original post but w/e. I love smoking bong's too. They bubble and they make you feel important when you hold it
  3. well i just wanted to start one i dont have the energy to find another thread about this
  4. Bongs for sure. Any others hitting 4 footers here?! :smoking::smoking:
  5. yeah i just bought this new pipe its badass i was hittin it a lot
    but i got court comin up so i quit smokin for a lil bit
  6. i used to like bongs the best... i smoked a 3ft all like 6 times a day for 6 months and now i like joints the best they're quick and easy. and can be smoke anywhere
  7. Hit's From The Bong!

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    Bongs and blunts. My Roor just took a step up with the new Roor ashcatcher hangin' off the front.
  9. Bongs hand down. Then a fat blunt.
  10. definitely bongs, smoked from bowls, pipes, blunts, etc.

    just the other day decided to make my own bong when I copped half an O, and i'll be sure that is the FIRST thing I buy when I turn 20:devious:

    throw some ice in, hits soooo smooth, can ghost hits off of that as opposed to normally coughing up a lung from bowls, however i'm not an experienced smoker really
  11. I'm a bong man. The first time I ever smoked was out of a 4-foot bong /w 3 percs and an ice catcher. My group has a great selection of bongs(7 bongs, one under 2 feet. Gas Mask. Newly added vape) I'm never going back to pipes, joints only if necessary. Blunts are always accepted.
  12. Bongs. Vaporizers. Blunts.
  13. Bongs are my favorite, followed by blunts. I do however enjoy the connivence of have a bowl to just have in your jacket pocket to smoke on the go
  14. Pipes for sure.
  15. pipe, because its much less work than a bong or a blunt
  16. Bongs, seriously first smoking utensil I bought was a bong. Second for me is a tie between a glass pipe, and a joint.
  17. bing bongs for sure
  18. I always use my little Marley/lion pipe i will post a picture some day. But my favorite thing has to be a steamroller.... god damn it gets you high as hell.

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