Whats Your Favorite Thing To Do While In The Act Of Smoking?

Discussion in 'General' started by BongRippaJack, May 26, 2013.

  1. So if your smoking something for a while such as a joint, pipe, or vaporizer whats your favorite thing to do in the process? My vaporizers charge lasts about 45 minutes of continious smoking and I usually just watch netflix in my bed.
    haha I'm actually vapeing and on my computer typing this right now though.

  2. Play music, sing, write songs, and having philosophical discussions with strange old Asians who have tales to tell
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    Produce music, netflix, read, hangout, make good (that good food, none of that microwave shieett) ;)
    Where are the ladies that like a good chef? ;P
  4. netflix, crysis 3. 
  5. Drink. Get drunk. I'm drunk
  6. Music and TV.
  7. Listen to music.
  8. Listen to music also.
  9. I love to jam on my drum kit while tokin

    But i also love sitting out back on my patio and enjoying the day while listening to birds
  10. Music, video games, GC, and have conversations about random shit with my friends.

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  11. post on GC, like right now.  just woke up 10 mins ago, got the bowl and laptop on my lap in bed, smokin it up.
  12. I usually bump metal in my room while im packing my bowls
  13. I just fucking love to choke the chicken.  :bongin:
  14. listening to music while smoking or vaping is so necessary for full therapeutic release.
  15. ^This haha.
  16. Musicaaaaaa
  17. I like to turbo post on GC.
  18. Smoke tricks for sure. I love blowin O's with weed smoke. Especially when you do it and don't cough then your buddy tries and hacks his ass off :laughing:. I also love to play music and take Milk Vids, i have a Sov Stemline and an AGO 6 slit inline for oil. Man i miss makin videos. i'll start making them again when i have my own place.
  19. Making music, writing, eating and doing smoke tricks lol. I love talking to people while I'm high; it adds another depth to the conversation.

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