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what's your favorite thing to do while high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by donsah86, Aug 8, 2011.

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    What is your favorite thing to do while you're blazing? Music, driving, what?
    Do you get stuff done or do you just lay low?
  2. chill listen to some music and play xbox live.
  3. I really love driving late at night when no ones on the road with a comfortable carload of people and bring the bong along. It's dumb as fuck, but so much fun..
  4. Shall I be the first to mention masturbation?
  5. ya i live in a town thats surrounded by nothing but sage flats and mountains, so i definatly love taking drives while high.
  6. listen to music. the euphoric feeling pot gives you when you listen to music is so amazing. i've had plenty of days where i listened to pandora for hours
  7. A few things I like to do are:

    Play Xbox
    Listen to music
    Watch a movie
    Go for a walk (usually toward evening so it's not hot out)
    And sometimes I just lie down and relax
  8. Listen to music
    Watch some street racing videos
    Watch a funny movie
  9. being lazy as fuck straight couch locked nigg.
  10. Sex!
    Playing video games!
  11. Music! I really appreciate music while high.
  12. i like to get shit done.. or when i got nothin to do ill just play my PS3 or go for drives.. love drivin blazed lol
  13. sex, music & xbox live.

    that's what its alllllll about :smoke:
  14. couch
    the marijuana experience
  15. for sure, those are all great things to do. i'm listening to some good tunes, drinking a beer and of course blazing all day.
  16. drinking beers
    listen to music
    watch movies
  17. Smoke more and get even more high.
  18. I always enjoy a good discussion about philosophy. Not the stoner pseudo-philosophy, but discussing and forming opinions on works by actual philosophers. Rawls, Kant, Locke, Mill, Hume, Nozick, Nietzsche, etc. That sort of thing.
  19. lol i'd HAVE to be high to understand Kant.

    get high
    take a long ass shower
    take another long ass shower
  20. play xbox, walk(if its late), but my alltime favorite is to go on netflix or turn on history channel and watch shows like pawn stars or american pickers and stuff like that, its crazy to watch stoned haha

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