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Whats your favorite thing to do while high?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Philablount, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Maybe this is just me being a little paranoid, feeling like I'm a little strange, or just high and thinking to myself how many other people do what I do when baked.
    I've narrowed it down to a few select enjoyable things to do while baked.

    -Riding high while listening to music (usually on the way for munchies)
    -Ice Cream
    -Playing Madden
    -Movies (Pineapple Express was the shit in theaters, we all knew)
    -Taking a dump

    How bout the rest of you who i'm sure have tried everything high at least once. (I don't suggest getting tatted while high, time drags and you really feel the pain)
  2. smoke weed. love doin that when Im high.
  3. surfing grass city :wave:
  4. surfing, ripping more ROOR, reggae music, looking at my plants :), cleaning (dunno why?), Call of Duty
  5. drink still fruit juice, vimto preferably
    watch a comedy themed film
    eat cereal
    watch a stand up comedian
    a bath
    sex in a bath lol
    go swimming
    go fishing
  6. You're not alone, my roommate would clean the sh!t out of the house when we smoked. Whats your gamer tag?
  7. Calculus... trust me it's easier
    Smoking more
    Playing guitar
    Laying and thinking
    Going to museums
    Watching scary movies
    Going to class high is fun as shit too.
  8. Why the fuck is Calculus easy high??
  9. driving listening to music, just a joy ride with a car of kids
    smoking cig's
    watching a movie
    pool (not the type you swim in)
    take a shower
    xbox 360
  10. In no particular order,

    play video games
    watch t.v. or movies
    hang out with friends
    i like cleaning my room too!
    finishing up any responsibilities
    drive, it's like two things in one (music + driving)

  11. wtf??
  12. smoke some more
    listen to some nice subs
    some more sex
  13. -Riding


    -Pink Floyd

    -Smoking more weed
  14. #14 Classic Brown, Feb 16, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 16, 2009

    yea it is actually. i used to go to my calculus class in high school high everyday and i would always be the frist one done with the assignments and tests. and i when i took a test high i would get an A or B. when i took tests sober i would fail. i don't know what it is but i'm very good at math when i'm high

    but I like to smoke hookah, go for nature walks when it's nice outside, watching trippy movies, listening to psychadelic rock like the doors and pink floyd.

    I also love getting massages, having sex, and taking a long hot shower.

    but one of my favorite things to do is get really baked, and going to the beach at night and sitting near the water but not as close to get wet by the water. i like watching the waves come up at you but they never reach you. it's very relaxing and at the same time you're thinking "oh shit, the water is gonna get me." but it never does
  15. cuz calculus is such bullshit it would take an overactive imagination just to sit there and think about it.
  16. hikeing through the forest!!! your smokin mother nature, why not get back to her in the proscess? Go out and sit by a bubbleing stream and listen to the world around you.
  17. It is pretty damn bullcrap. Still does involve math which can be pretty difficult
  18. Have an intellectual conversation with my friends
  19. Eating pizza
    Playing xbox
    Smoking cigs/weed
    Watching movies
    anything entertaining
  20. guccist0ne (the 0 is a zero)

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