What's your favorite thing about weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by MidnitTokr, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. What do you like the most?

    I like how it relaxes me after a long day, how it helps me sleep better and have awesome dreams, and how it makes me think more creatively.

    My favorite thing is that it makes me more mellow and patient with people. Things that used to irritate me are no biggie now. I feel like I've been set free :smoke:
  2. My favorite thing about weed is that it gets me pretty baked. Without all the risk and damage like other drugs..
    I feel ya on that last part OP, Helps me "unwind".....Shit, it helps me eat too. I like a lot about it, Except for my damned tolerance.
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    everything except the munchies and the fact that its illegal.

    i just love the whole package. smoking it, chilling, the great feeling, no pain, the fact that i can sleep, makes music awesome, makes food taste phenomenal, makes me want to expand my mind (been loving astronomy and history since i started), i just fucking love weed.
  4. Besides the amazing feeling of pain being numbed and just being high, I love how it makes music sounds, that's one of the things I love about it. I love showering high, falling asleep high, and the act of smoking it is a really big part. It's just wonderful.
  5. Tough choice. I love the relaxation and pain relief of it, as well as the different way of thinking you have when you're high. I've been smoking for years and it never fails to be interesting to get really baked and ponder on everything around me with my high mindset instead of my sober mindset.

    No hangover is a nice perk too :D
  6. I like the feeling when I transition from sober to high.

  8. the smell of an oz of dank.
  9. Sleeping better at night and not feeling so pissed off during the day.
  10. It helps my anxiety and makes watching horror a whole new experience
  11. It makes my sober life better I've been toking heavily since winter and I've been happier more motivated more social life's been going good
  12. The instant relief concluding a thick bong toke.

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