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Whats Your Favorite Strain???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WestCoastStoner, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. i like Northern Lights......cus, everytime i smoke it, its consistant.....the potency is not too low or too high, and the taste is its really smelly.......wuts your favorite strain???
  2. i would have to say my favorite strain is defiinetly kush no matter what kinda kush i like it very tasty.
  3. Best high I've had was from something that was nknown, but after giving it a good look and then lookin it up in the Cannabible (cool book my friend has), I've concluded it was white widow. Hells yes.
  4. should i feel bad because i don't know the strains of the stuff i get?
  5. Super Silver Haze, and Northern Lights #5 is such a tough decision!

    NL #5 wins!

  6. well, long time pot smokers like to know wut they smokin.....

    but if u just straight up lookin to smoke bud, it dont matter.....

  7. i once had shit not too long ago, it was a blueberry x NL #5, it was some killer-one-bonghit-ur on ur ass shit
  8. Only name strains Ive had are NL #5 and Trainwreck. This Trainwreck was from the Oakland Cannibas Club and I was god damn halucinating. Like the sky was waving and geometric patterns were in the sky. Also I felt like i was on the Gravitron. You know that circus ride? Damn some good shit.
  9. blueberry
  10. coulmbian gold back in the late 70s is the best ive smoked
    run in to some strains that were close but fell short
  11. I'd say something along the lines of Bubblefunk, NYC Diesel, or Sweet Tooth x White Widow.

    Lotsa good headies have been coming through lately, so I'm expanding my horizon a bit more.

  12. im thinkin bout tryin to grow NYC Diesel because i guess its AfghanxMexican Sativa, and im growin both of those......
  13. You should do it up. Such a smooth smoke. It's a long flowerer though, not that that effects you in California...bastards.
  14. orange Kush, Nuff said

  15. lol, yeah true, lol....we very lucky......

    but i heard that Diesel shit is dense, i gotta smokes me some of that......

    but i noticed ya avatar, and i love Big L......
  16. I dont want to brag here guys....but my coffeeshop (live in Amsterdam, the shop is right on the corner of my street) has the best buds I ever smoked in my stock everyday :D It's Shiva, a very potent many hairs on it it looks orange from a distance. it knocks me down every time. Definately my favourite :D

  17. i envy u master........
  18. It's bewteen blueberry kush and blueberry chronic.

    Both real smooth smokes with great flavor.
  19. yeah i'll go with a-Jay on this one, i've tried a good few, but so far it's just makes me giggle, and feel out..........Sid
  20. Cali Fire bud.... Very potten bud, light colore with few red hair, great smell, and the only bud i have smoke here that manage to black out for few senconds while only smoke 2 blunts with other friends...

    Cali Fire bud, is mostly indica, if im wrong it can be pure indica.. kinda looks like red hair skunk...

    i try to grow these strain when i find seeds in the bag, but never manage to get it throw seedling, for some reasome it dies on me.. so far these strain been the hardest for me to grow, and hard to find in Cali......

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