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what's your favorite strain?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kushgurl, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. My favorite strains are blueberry yum yum and AK-47. what are your favorite strains? :smoking:
  2. Bubba Kush & Purple Wreck
  3. Blueberry, plushberry, hindu kush and blackberry kush. Good tasting smoke.
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    Hows the purple wreck?
  5. The purple wreck is awesome great fruity smooth taste with no harshness some couch lock.Yeilded pretty good too 1/2oz dry off a 1ft tall plant (my cat pruned it early).I will grow it again.
  6. High like the regular tw?
  7. Ive never smoked TW.Have you ever smoke Purple Platinum? if so like that but no harshness.
  8. Never had it. Love trainwreck though. Looks like ill have to buy seeds and pick my pheno.
  9. LSD and trainwreck
  10. how was trainwreck?
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    Its some heavy shit man. Nothing too flashy just good weed. Seen many fall out smoking it.
  12. Cinderella 99... hands down.
  13. Is trainwreck anything like white widow?...just trying to get a relatable idea
  14. Not a strain i can give a proper smoke report on. Instant high. Expansive smoke out of a bong way too big. Choked me before i could catch a flavor. Instantly fucked.
  15. haha cool...i havent smoked it but have some clones of it..good to hear.
  16. Sour diesel and OG kush
  17. Tried sour kush aka headband?
  18. is the high?
  19. It really takes the best of both.

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