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What's your favorite strain of herb?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MrNewEngland420, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Tbh, I don't know most of what I've smoked, had some good grass. Had some mediocre grass.

    I'm looking for some strains to grow as I wait for my first grow equiptment in the mail.

    I would like y'all's opinion on your favorites;
    How was the smoke and the taste?
    How was the high?
    What did it look and smell like?

    Annnndd go :D
  2. OG master purple yoda trainwreck kush

    only grown in the bermuda triangle
  3. [quote name='"NeverComingDown"']OG master purple yoda trainwreck kush

    only grown in the bermuda triangle[/quote]

    I'm guessing those are multiple strains listed? I don't see commas
    (grammer Nazi atm lol)
  4. No that is obviously one strain :p but my favorite at the moment is white lighting it's white widow mixed with northern lights and it looks amazing it taste slightly fruity and the after taste is like a natural herby kinda taste it's really good I would prefer the after taste to be better but it's taste fine
  5. If i were you i would go for chemdawg or chem4. High yeilding also very pungent and dense
  6. Lemon haze came through my town several months ago and I got to smoke quite a bit of it. Its definetly one of my favorite strains.
  7. Chernobyl
  8. Green crack for day time or evening smoke, GDP for a kind of 8 PM to 3AM smoke
  9. Tangerine Dream or White OG from the Dam.
  10. Sour Diesel it's such a uplifting, sativa high.
  11. [quote name='"HaZe RaiN"']Sour Diesel it's such a uplifting, sativa high.[/quote]

    I don't think I've ever had a solid sativa high, it sounds like I might like it more with less CBD
  12. Cannalope Haze for me no questions asked. The taste is of cantaloupe melon and the high is a strong sativa. I've only had an ounce of it once but it was from a solid Colorado dispensary. I won't ever forget the taste, sometimes I annoy my friends by bringing it up too much haha.

    A good runner up for me would be Purple Cotton, I had an ounce from the same dispensary. You could really taste the purp on it but it wasn't as good as the Cannalope Haze. However the high was slightly stronger by a split hair.
  13. I have to go with grape ape and green crack.
  14. Durban Poison, BTF (blue dream X alaskan thunderfuck), Headband and Green Crack. The first 2 i've only had an 8th of each n never again :cry: but i consistantly get bad ass headband or green crack from dispensarys n never got a poopy high from. green crack u could smoke in the morning and easily go about ur day :smoking:
  15. 1. super lemon haze
    2. purple kush
    3. OG kush
  16. Master kush or blue dream.
  17. Trainwreck
    Barney's LSD
    Mr nice black widow
  18. My favorite strain is The Search Engine
  19. I love me some nice sativa strains. My fav is blueberry haze
  20. Ah it's a difficult choice, but one strain that REALLY left a good impression on me is "Red Diesel". Had a buddy get a QP of the stuff from the grower, and man this stuff was crazy. It's not a real impressive looking bud, but the high is intense and pretty different than most i've smoked. Real euphoric high, and almost kind of psychadelic, I almost felt like I was seeing some light trails. Really spaced out when I smoked it, I could stare off into the night sky and start to see a skyline of a city that didn't even exist, I found myself sitting around smiling super big, thinking deeply about awesome stuff, etc. And all my friends thought the same about it. I recommend it!!

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