Whats your Favorite Stoned Album?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by odoylerules1021, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. I personally like grateful deads amercan beauty, santana's abraxas, or floyd's dark side of the moon. What about you?
  2. Any live Phish, but especially 94-98.
  3. i cant really think of a album name right now but i like tupac alot when im high.. im listening to him now and im stoned

    Grab yo glocks when you see tupac
    Call the cops when you see tupac

    Who shot me? but u punks didnt finish
  4. Jimi Hendrix - Live at Woodstock
  5. I don't really sit and listen to music much when I'm high, but lately I've been cruising to Rammstein's Herzeleid and the Disco Biscuits' Uncivilized Area.
  6. I'd have to say Pink Floyd-Dark side of the moon, OR Pink Floyd- Another brick in the wall OR Sublime-40oz To freedom OR Sublime-Sublime

    Those are my favorites.

  7. tough to decide but i'd probably have to go with dark side
    esp. synched with wizard of oz, so great
  8. The Best of Bob Marley

    Room on Fire - The Strokes

    Live New Year's Madison Square Garden - Phish
  9. Love the NYE95 man, GREAT concert. Also, your post reminded me that Legend is definitely up there as one of my all-time favorites.
  10. Knox, you kickass, you're one of my favorite GC members.
    +Rep for being awesome.

    Toke on, my friends. :D
  11. i have a reggae mix on my ipod with sublime, slightly stoopid, bob marley, peter tosh, pepper, 311, long beach dub allstars, long beach shortbus, etc. that i listen to mostly. there is no one album thank i can really listen all the way through and really enjoy
  12. Radiohead - Kid A or OK Computer
    White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan
  13. 11 answers and no biggie, ready 2 die??
  14. Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon is the greatest album ever.... enough said.

    stoned or not its amazing to listen to straight through. but stoned its even more amazing
  15. Hit em up - one of my fav songs
  16. Kottonmouth Kings - Rollin' Stoned. :smoke:
  17. I love this old album by "Rehab" it's called southern discomfort
    it is all about drugs and gettitg fucked up and being in rehab

    I also like this album called "fieldys dreams" fieldy is the bass in Korn
    He is all about pot

    I also love afroman
    And tom petty pink floyd
  18. [​IMG]



    top 3 stoned albums right there boy...
  19. jim croce is the best ever man, knowone knows what im talking about, has any of one of your friends ever tell you there gay, cause my friend just told me he was while i was stoned and i can barely type to weird, im not a homophobia im just surprised i couldnt tell, being high at the time really helped the weight of the statement be lifter, magical best stoned storie ever, also freakiest day of my life need feedback on this
  20. All of the Sublime albums including the Tribute album. The album, Inbetween Now and Then by OAR is another sick one.

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