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Whats your favorite show to watch while toking it up?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by niminaro, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Just wondering what everyone's favorite show to watch while enjoying a smoke. Personally I love to sit back and hit the bong to some fresh prince of bel air :smoke:
  2. For comedy:
    Louie CK. Watch all of his specials.
    Katt Williams is just too funny.
    I will always laugh out loud to Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

    Firefly, gotta get my sci-fi fix.
    If you're into real science though, Mythbusters can be pretty great to watch also. If only for the explosions.
  3. Anything to do with nature pretty much so gonna go with Planet Earth
  4. I love blazing to How i met your mother :laughing: such a good show.

    I also love blazing to The Walking Dead, gets so intense.

    Probably my two main shows.
  5. South Park is always good, but then again, I don't need a show to keep me entertained when I'm high!
  6. I love The Walking Dead but it completely freaked me out the first time I watched after smoking. I just sat in my room thinking to myself how ridiculous it was that I was cowering in a corner, clutching a nerf gun, waiting for zombies to bust down my door. Great memory nonetheless!
  7. Through the Wormhole w/Morgan Freeman, a.k.a. the voice of God
    Family Guy (funniest shit sometimes)
    Adventure Time
    I Survived (intense!)
    Life or Planet Earth, narrated by the voice of God's wife (i.e., Oprahs) and that bitch Sigourney Weaver
  8. ^ The Walking fur sure

    It's Always Sunny in Phil.
    The 2012 Olympics
  9. Cartoons:
    Initial D (cool racing cartoon)
    Breaking Bad
  10. Love Wilfred and The newsroom.
    Makes me feel informed while, above
  11. I watch Workaholics and Conan. :)
  12. Adventure Time - its such a fucking trip
    Breaking Bad - its fucking amazing
    Angry Beavers
    Ed, Edd, and Eddy
    Courage the cowardly dog
    The Office - So fucking hilarious
    Hey Arnold
    Mad Men
    Louie ck
    I forget what else
  13. Top Shot
    Sports (football,bbal,hockey, ufc)
    Americas Most Wanted
    lil bit of O'reiley factor just to laugh at the old mans ridiculous statements.
  14. Game of Thrones
    American Horror Story
    South Park
    Walking Dead
    World War 2 in Color
    Greatest Tank Battles
  15. Best show to watch when you`re high is definetely WEEDS.
    If you people haven`t watched it, you should do it now :smoke:

    For those who watch the show, I give Andy and Doug the most points for the funniest character in series :D
  16. workaholics, regular show, through the wormhole, and any series im currently watching on netflix
  17. The glades, justified, Olympics, MLB, any football or basketball. Spongebob, drake and josh (not really on anymore) cops
  18. The Mighty Boosh. nuh said
  19. Trailer park boys
    Always sunny
  20. Hey Arnold! (on netflix)

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