What's your favorite show on Food Network?

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  1. I'm not the only one who gets high and watches Food Network. What's everyone watching these days?
  2. i dont know if its on food network but i like the one where the dude goes to different returants to take on their ridiculous eating challenges....
  3. Aww man...I wanna see that show!! I'm watching Good Eats right now.
  4. the dude talks to fast like hes schizo its creepy he brings up way to many fucking facts in such an impromptu fashion its just something i view as unnatural.
  5. Haha,...yeah he's crazy. I can't figure out whether it's a kids tv show, though...cuz I mean, it's on at night, but it seems like the kinda thing you'd watch on a Saturday morning with a bowl of cereal. Mm cereal would be the fucking bomb right now.

  6. Man Vs Food...>thts like show #1 for me 2....he searches for shit /w hella calories and fat content...just rediculous delicious

    #2 is iron chef...obvious reasons
  7. Man Vs Food is on the travel network, it is one of my favorites though.

    Hmmmm.. my favorite show in the food network.....

    Probably Ace of Cakes.
  8. Anything with Giada De Laurentiis hosting it ;)
    (use google images and you'll see why)

    and of course some Iron Chef too!
  9. Haha I go out of my way everyday to watch her, even if I am someone elses house I will still turn it on.
  10. hah, shes got a sweet rack. But also, Racheal Ray(If you say shes fat, I say shes got cushion for the pushin)

    I would say Unwrapped, some of those candies looks like the ultimate munchies man..
  11. Cake Boss is where it the fuck is!
  12. I like any of the cooking shows but they kind of make me hungry. My favorite is unwrapped because its interesting to find out how they make all of my favorite munchies

    and yeah she is really fuckin hot
  13. cake boss is on tlc.
    ace of cakes is the one on food network.
    rachel ray is my favorite, but my mom has made many a paula deen recipe.
    her food is AMAZING... southern-style baked macaroni and cheese? yes please :]
  14. I gotta agree, Paula knows how to cook some good food!
  15. giada is fucked up on coke all the time. rachel ray has a big ass tho. they always change the cameras when she turns around.
  16. iron chef.
    good eats.
    thats about it..
    other than the one where he talks about hamburgers
    and sweets and shit.
  17. old school food network is where it's at,
    Good Eats
    Feasting on asphalt
    surreal gourmet
    Barefoot Contessa
    old Christine Cushing
    Emeril Live (Epic Show)
    A Cook's Tour (with Anthony Bourdain)
    Oliver's Twist
    Naked Chef
    Jamie at Home
    Original Iron Chef

    i hate the new stuff they have, especially the foodnetwork challenges and other "food contest shows". i like the hosts who seem sincere and passionate about cooking, and really love it. i can always tell when the hosts are trying too hard and look as though they'd rather be doing something else (paula dean, rachel ray, down home with the neely's, even giada delaurentes) there are some newer shows that are pretty cool, like

    Wild Chefs with Martin Picard
    In Search of Perfection was good
    food jammers was cool

    yeah, basically i've watched foodnetwork for a big chunk of my life and have been thoroughly disappointed with their new shows. lol
  18. im trying to remember the name of a show they had. it was about a british dad who moved his family to France for a year or so and it was really cool. anyone know the name?
  19. Good Eats is one of my favorite shows :wave:
  20. Everday Italian dude that bitch is fiiinnnee. Theres no end to the things i'd do to her. And she's always wearing low cut shirts and shit ahhh..

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