Whats your favorite scene from a movie?

Discussion in 'General' started by KilltheKlown, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. Mine would have to be in Scarface where Tony kills Frank and Mel or in Pulp Fiction where Jules kills Brett.
  2. yea that was good. i remember. been a long long time since i've seen it.

    mine but would be the flic enough. with jennifer lopez. she kicks her abusive husbands ass, totally swanks it! i remember liking the movie, not my favorite but i really liked that part.i like watchin chicks kick ass. karate, nija whatever.
  3. I saw that movie, cant remember what the fuck it was called though...
  4. Alien 1, when the monster comes out of that guys chest.
  5. check the avatar....i love that scene and the song that plays....everythime i watch it baked it makes me think its the most thought out movie ever....i love that feeeling of knowing what is happening in complex movies and such....yeah im stoned..so sorry
  6. oooh and in the movie the rock...
    during the scene when they come up the showers and the other guys are waiting for them or when the jet drops the bombs....good movie
  7. ya get my first thought.....
    its gotta be when forrest runs out of his leg braces :D
  8. i dunno how many of you have seen UHF but that movie is stupid/funny as hell. my favorite scene from that would be the "wheel of fish" scene.... if any of you seen it u know wat i'm talkin bout haha.
  9. In Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, when Dr Gonzo and Raul Duke show up to Vegas.
  10. the wheel of fish...that movie is fuckin great...i like the part when the dude finds his mop again or the part when umm...oh yah! the part where weird al is pretendin hes rambo...and hes got that totally fake rubber chest on...lol! GOD i loved that movie...but my favorite seen forma movie would be...umm id ont know! i really liked the gun fight in the one building in the first matrix, and ummm i liked the part in Joe Dirt where Christopher Walken pretends to be dead...actually, i liked that whole movie...lol god im so fucked up! i cant even remember most of the movies ive seen right nwow
  11. My Favs Scenes gotta be.....

    = True Romance when the silican Crime boss (christopher Walken) is told by the Main Charaters dad (dennis Hopper) explains to the Proud to be from italy mob that there half black.... He knows hes gonna die so he talks shit in the end......

    = Pulp Fiction.... where *Cant rember names* samuel L Jackson is shot at by a kid hiding in the closet and doesnt get hit and says its an act of God....

    = Romeo and Juliet(New Version).... The first action scene when they argue at the gas station and Chase each other... I didnt see that scence coming.... I was just shocked at the Bad ass fighting in a Movie i thought was gonna be stupid....

  12. I loved that scene, haha. He unloads six bullets and misses every shot, and then they stand there looking at him for a few seconds all confused and then they just blow him away, lmao...

    My favorite was in old school when will ferrall got shot in the neck with the tranquilizer dart!

    "woahhh, you just took one in the jugular man!"
    "yer crazy.... YER CRAZY! ... i like you... but yer crazy!"

    "Yep, this is the place.. they'll never fuck with us here... You approach the turnstiles and know that you have to give the man two doallars or he wont let you inside, but when you get there everything goes wrong. Some angry rotarian shooves you and you think, 'whats happening here? whats going on?'... Ether is the perfect drug for Las Vegas, in this town they love a drunk--fresh meat, so they put us thru the turnstiles and turned us loose inside..."
  14. Beavis and Butthead Do America"

    When Beavis is hoped up on pills and caffine and sees the picture of president Ragen i think with hes hands in the air with peace fingers and beavis has hes t-shirt over hes head stares at the picture for a while then says "Are you Threatin me?" ...gotta love it...
  15. ooh ooh!!!

    last matrix where neo goes in for the last time and smith says, "do you like what i've done with the place?" :D AWESOME
  16. I hated the way they ended that movie. Did Neo die or what? He was laying there like he was dead but the oricle said to the little girl that they would see him again. wtf

    Anyway, movie: The Cable Guy
    Scene: "And it has a sound system that would make george lucus cream his pants!
  17. neo dies in the last matrix? damn
  18. Exorcist: The version you never seen before or what ever- One of the scene that was cut out from the original movie was the "spider-walk" scene.. Now that spider walk scene is by far the most freaking scarest shit I ever seen in my life! after that scene I was just to fuking scared to finish the movie...

    Sleep Away Camp- Very under rated horror flick, but anyways this movie has a awesome suprise ending thats very twisted and creepy as hell.... Pretty freaky shit, check it out man!!

    *****spoiler maybe*****|

    Resident Evil- I love the ending where they show the whole streets and buildings of NY all empty and not a single person in sight..... Awesome!

    Signs- That home video camera scene where the alien pops out of nowhere..... That shit gave me major goose bumps and felt just to real....

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