What's your favorite position?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by kinkz, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. So blades -- what's your favorite position when you're fuckin?

    doggy or reverse cowgirl all the way.
  2. wow..i couldn't agree with you more.
  3. doggystyle ftw
  4. yeah..im with the group here..doggy style:p
  5. laydown doggy, with the bitch facedown on her stomach.

    either that or standing up against the wall.
  6. I +rep'ed everyone who said doggy but then I ran out right when I was going to +rep scooby:(

    but doggy for the win
  7. god that would depend on the mood and what we are doing at the moment.
    so many possibilities lol
  8. i like the one where i get to have sex.

    pretty much sums it up
  9. I'll take "anything" for 400, Alex.
  10. regular cowgirl aka girl-on-top. i've got this nice little trick that makes girls twitch a little bit... mmm love to give that g-spot all the attention it wants lol...

    course, i can do it with doggy too.... only the view isnt as good lol!!!
  11. 69 for the motherfuckin win..............
  12. Doggy FTW!!!
  13. i like the girl on top,,,,,,but only if she knows how to work her body...

    if shes capable of poppin her hips,,,,and fuckin me with little to none,,, top movement,,,,,

    then im good,,,,,if not then get off me and give me some head,,,,:cool:
  14. Doggy, or cowgirl. Yeeaaahhh I haven't been laid in a bit though :(
  15. Damn I should try doggy, I've actually never done it. But cowgirl is definatly sweet besides normal.
  16. hell yes.

  17. What he said.:D
  18. i change my shit up all the time

  19. never done doggy?! :eek:
    that's the second position you try!
    missionary first, doggy second. gotta pound the bitch in heat right??

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