Whats Your Favorite Piece?

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  1. I didn't know where to put this so I put it here. If forum staff feel the need to move it do so, my  bad.
    Anyways of all the pieces you own what's your favorite one and why?
    For me my favorite piece lately has been the good ole grav bong. Gotta love it rips wicked nice. I do also like my glass bowl I enjoy a lot I ill get some pics up soon.

  2. Love my glass waterfall bong for it's quick awesome high and second is my vaporizer for it's stealthy easy bathroom tokes and a nice j for a walk IMO.

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  3. fav piece i own is little worked oil rig......favorite glass i want is ......jack hanshaw reef life tube....love the coral reefs he does...looks bomb
  4. Just my trusty old glass pipe.  Medium-sized, solid, simple, beautiful '3d' blue-green-slightly purple coloration.  It's not a "get as high as possible as fast as possible" piece; (I have other equipment for that.)
  5. Surprisingly, my favourite piece has come to be a little $14 glass pipe I bought thinking it'd just be good for portability and whatnot.  It's almost all I smoke out of these days.  My vaporizer is the best investment I've ever made, but I just love little Moon Man.
  6. my favorite piece would have to be my bowl....its nothing special just a standard $35 spoon thats red and blue which i call spiderman. Just because it is convenient, quick, and handy. However I just purchased a da buddha vaporizer yesterday and can say that it may take over my #1 position.
  7. One of my good friends recently bought a small, glass bong at Hampton Beach, and for the love of god, the thing is amazing. It's small and simple, but it's beautiful and has a glass spiral at the top, and it hits smoother than any other bong I've used, including a giant 4 chamber.
    Me and another dude named it Oberyn, being GoT fans.
  8. it's pretty split for me, either my pipe or my oil rig.
    pipe for on the go smoking. stealthy as fuck, pretty, and rips fast. been meaning to clean it though.
    oil rig for anytime I'm not using my pipe. if I'm at home getting high I like to get HIGH. 
  9. My favorite piece would be my bowl. $40. Nothing incredible aesthetically speaking. But idc about that. I got this bowl for the size of the actual bowl, the size and feel of the carb the thickness of the glass, and I avoid pieces with too much fru fru shit like little spheres the size of marbles on awkward parts of the pipe.

    But yea I just love how the bowl is just perfect for getting me comfortably baked. It's clear with black stripes (horizontally) so you see when the bowl is filled with smoke, giving me the potential to get the most out of my hits.

    But I recently got my first bong. Which again, isn't anything special. Clear, sandblasted HVY Glass logo. A little over a foot, ice catcher and diffused downstem. Gets me ripped.
  10. My Möbius 65t. Use it so much.

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  11. My favorite pieces I have are from Quave and Joe Peters. Top notch glass blowers! I've got a mothership but it does not hold a candle to Quave or JP

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  12. I switch between my Toro and Ski Mask rigs, and I use my BTGB shake for buds.
    What is your Joe Peters piece? Is it a honeycomb rig? Do you have a picture of it? Thanks man, yeah his stuff is sweet.
  13. It's called Sea Bird. It's a collab with calmbo & JP. Got a sea scape from top to bottom. I'm on my iPad and have pics at home I'm trying to scoop a master shake from btgb. But I want his shake inside a shake within a shake

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    That sounds sweet Calm's birds are really nice too.
    I'm not sure if you buy stuff directly from the artists, but if not and are in California a headshop called Angie's Botique has a cool triple shake. They have a nice website and they ship too, that's where I got mine haha. I don't know if that helps or if your interested in that one.
  15. Thanks! I'm in Massachusetts. Saw a btgb shake in Rhode Island last week. I may grab that. Working with a glass blower that has a number of btgb pieces and a few bomb domes from btgb(Mario bro series)

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    Nice, is it a regular shake or one of his O.G ones? Only one shop in Denver carried his stuff and they were 30% over priced and had a few of the Mario plant domes.
  17. Reg shake. Some places just want to raise the price because of the blower

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  18. Cool I wanted to find a regular one, but it seems like he mostly makes the heady Mastershakes now.
  19. Wishin i had the ryno joe peters glass collab :( soooo pretty meeee want
  20. Chillum. My glass chillum. I get huge hits and conserve! Plus I love the feel and look of a nice glass chillum.

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