Whats your favorite piece?

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  1. Hey guys! Just curious as to what everyone's favorite piece of their's is. I don't have one sadly because I don't own one yet- but I'd love to see everyone else's :)
  2. As of now, i use this here, Delilah and am very pleased with her, but I'm def lookin to upgrade to a bong ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1380855360.061040.jpg
  3. u can still see it pretty well and it looks fucking beautiful :D
  4. Haha nice! :)
  5. Id have to say, my Alex K shower head downstem thats in my hoss, i love so it much so smooth i deffently recomend getting one.

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  6. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1380865885.313895.jpg this is Einstein, he has a pretty gnarly oil rig set up but the classic bowl is good too! ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1380866039.365514.jpg also you can't beat the classic, it's just timeless

    Toke On!
  7. My All Time Favorite Piece:

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1380879948.143241.jpg

    Stereo Matrix Möbius & My New Manifest 8-Arm A/C

  8. hey... it hits better then any bong I've owned before... so smooth... haters gonna hate
  9. but nah it's so diffused lol
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    Posted a million times but whatever lol.
    My korey Cotnam piece is my favorite :)
  11. The Matrix is a chick magnet lol I love that thing
  12. Its better for flowers than oils IMO
  13. see, this dude knows what's good
  14. Iv been using a blue vapor genie one of my Friends Gave Me, Man its Great! :D Smooth Big Hits of Vapor…

    But Im Also about to buy a New Bong On Thursday I Will Post It Somewere On Here Lol :D it will be one of my New Favorite Piece's !!!
  15. had one myself; loved it
  16. Not hating at all I know some people think that too much diffusion is bad was all :D
  17. lol I was kidding, but nah the AC is for my other piece but it looks sexy & hits super smooth on the möbius
  18. My 50mm upgrid Sov Stemline i had. Damn po po took her away :(

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