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What's your favorite piece of furniture to get stoned on?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blackbur, May 26, 2010.

  1. Lazy Boy Recliner..:D

    and the throne...;)
  2. Bed, well not smoking on it. But when i come back from smoking, just kick back on my bed
  3. rt now im kickin back on my rack

  4. Couches are pretty sweet, any chair that's comfortable and allows to lean back and recline. Beds are pretty awesome to get stoned on, but I haven't been able to smoke in a bedroom in a long time.
  5. omg you got that at trocherland i got the same one but they gave me blood staind for free cuz the shiped it late. lol no i like chillen on a couch or anything cumfy (sorry for spelling)
  6. Torcher-chair is totally badass.

    Yours has bloodstains? Ive never seen it but I can imagine is like double badass or some shit like that.
  7. This thread is going in a wayward direction very quickly.
  8. i call this my war chair

  9. I call this my whore chair

  10. we call this the sore chair :mad::devious::mad::devious:

  11. bean bags are kinda are water beds.
  12. I have a $600 lazyboy that i bought from my old room mate. He flunked out of school and had to move back to Texas. He couldn't fit it in his car so I gave him $50 and kept it. And man, that chair is THE MOST COMFORTABLE FUCKING CHAIR EVER
  13. I call this my poor chair...

  14. this is my MAN chair. the only way to be baked and be fully relaxed

    Attached Files:

  15. i recently picked up a few of these value chairs at the dollar store.


    im sitting in one rt now, and im saving the other two to use as christmas gifts.
  16. After years of sitting in my poor chair, I should probably pick one of those up. Dollar store, eh?
  17. I call this my shit chair -

  18. That kinda makes me want more beef brisket. I had some TASTY bar-b-que the other day at a place called Firehouse when I was visiting in Colorado Springs.
  19. It kind of makes me wonder why people kept shitting in it, or why no one flushed it.

    I would stay the fuck away from it tbh.

    E: Would need a lot of toilet paper to clean that up.

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