Whats your favorite piece of all time?

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by smoking penguin, May 10, 2011.

  1. I once had a penguin the my husband got for me while smoking with a buddy, I love penguins and it was perfect but sadly it encountered a retard. Also smoked out of a mutli color changing Bob Marley bong with ice..icredible!
  2. Probably my hand blown bowl I got from a shop close to me.
  3. I used to have a sherlock dry pipe. It wasn't big, heady, or anything like that. It was just a small pipe that progressed through blue, purple, black, and then clear/color changing glass from bowl to mouth piece. I had it for about a year, then the 5-0 took it. I miss that thing so god damn much...
  4. Out of everthing ive ever had, i love my sherlock. Its got these like blue/green bubble things going fromt he bowl to the mouth piece, and where the bubble things arent its just this dark blue transparent. And there are orangeish swirls going around it in spots, i named it gyardos. It was my first piece that i got brand spankin new that wasnt a clear bong[clear things arent as sentimental to me :?]
    But yea
    rips pretty well
    kinda small bowl, so i save weed with him too :D
    i love it.

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