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What's your favorite part about weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Metalguitar, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. I'm not sure if this is a thread already but yeah.

    I was blazin one day and i realized my favorite part about weed is just smoking it. I just feel that the smoking builds to the expirence. Makes it more fun. Dont get me wrong i LOVE the high too, but theres just something about smoking it that i love.

    So whats your favorite part about the All Mighty Herb?
  2. The relaxing high for sure.

    Nothing beats smoking a joint and lying back to watch a show/movie.
  3. Meeting people and having fun yet at the same time being able to reflect upon yourself and your life
  4. A lot o the times i have felt like i love everything about cannabis:
    the smell, the taste, the smoke sensation, the glass, the preparation for using, and all the different things you can do with it, but not always enjoying the high.
    But many times, most of all I love the vibe and relaxation that comes with using it. The enhanced state of mind that in a way makes you smarter then people who are sober all the time.

    At times i have felt like you OP, that sometimes I would like to smoke more without feeling higher and higher, just to have the whole experience of preparing the smoke and finally combusting it.

    Overall, i dont think there is anything I DONT like about weed, except for the negative social stigma attached to it and its legal status of course.
  5. Taste and pain relief.
  6. The prep stage.

    The whole braking up the Dankiest, stickiest, densest bud that fluffs up.

    Then the pleasure of rolling the shit out of it into its nice "Tight" blunt.
    Dry hitting to taste the loveliness

    Ever heard of a "virgin blunt"?

    ppl in my hood call it that when the bud resinates hella at the hitter leaving "icky" sticky res on the lips
  7. My favorite part is how good it makes other things seem.

    Specifically food and sex

    Pot makes every meal taste like a gourmet banquet and every sexual encounter feel your first time.

    I should amend that first statement though. I don't think that pot makes them SEEM that much better. I think pot forces you to be in the moment which makes you experience those things. It strips you of you preconcieved notions of what you are experiencing and makes them more raw - more real.

    That's the best part to me.

    Not that anything about it is bad... except running out of it.
  8. My favorite part is smoking it. If I could get bud that doesn't have any THC or anything so I could just smoke it sometimes withought the high that would be great.

    I love the high to but for some reason actually smoking it and making joints and what not to smoke it from is just sooooo much fun!
  9. Nothing beats watching a movie and smoking a fat blunt.
  10. How it enhances (my) life. I'm less shy, food tastes better, music is better, and just the overall happiness.
  11. totally agree, i'm very calm whilst rolling the joint, and whilst sitting in my shed sparkin up, but as soon as i hit that shit i get ecstatically euphoric. and yes the high is so awsome aswell but nothing beats that sober state of mind im in while im smoking.
  12. definitely the actual smoking, thats why Im trying to find mids, but its hard out here
  13. HIGH All, what's my favorite part about weed.....Growing it.

    I wouldn't know what to do if I couldn't.
  14. I really enjoy just laying out all my bud on something and just looking at it, and smelling it. But my favorite part has got to be having a decent piece to pass around to a group of friends.
  15. EVERYTHING! other than the illegal status of it :(
  16. Ehh The sensation of getting away with an illegal purchase :devious:
    The nice buds breaking ever so gently between my fingers :yummy:
    And last but not least, the fun process of smoking and chilling with friends :smoke:

    Ima go buy a half ;p
  17. I love smoking until I'm in a different world.

    I also just love smoking. Even if I'm already uncomfortably high, I'll keep smoking just to smoke.
  18. I love everything about weed. However, my favorite part would probably be the laughing and just happiness that comes along with being high. You're just in your own little world and nothing else matters. Everything is just fun and exciting.

    I love Mary Jane. She never lets me down.
  19. That it gets you high.
  20. Masturbating while high.

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