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Whats your favorite munchie food?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by defiantrebelion, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. So what's your guy's favorite things to eat when high? What about high on the go?
    My all around favorite would have to be the BBQ Frito's twists and a nice cold root beer.

  2. White Cheddar popcorn, sour patch kids, taco bell, grapes, mango (which actually improves your high if you eat it 30 minutes before you smoke), any kind of i'm starving.
  3. panda

    ~what a long strange trip it has been...~

  4. Anything and everything in 7-11

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  5. Fruit is awesome when you're high. 

    If I wasn't eating fruit though, I'd have to say simply some chicken, bean, and cheese nachos and a large cup of some ice cold sweet tea :)
  6. Cut your favorite fruits and freeze em a little. Oh and Chipotle.

  7. Oreos with milk or fruit
  8. Potato pancakes. mix up an egg and some mashed potatoes, fry that baby up into a patty, salt pepper and ketchup, mmmmm. Easy as hell to make, lovely breakfast, the bomb for wake n bakes. Plus the only way I eat eggs.
  9. It used to be junk food and candy and Powerade or cranberry juice to drink, now I'm realizing it's even better to eat exotic foods while high like Thai, Indian, and Chinese.  Also Spanish Rice is a good food to make and eat while high. 
  10. Man I can't focus enough to make that kinda shit. I just stuff my face. :p
  11. Cadbury peppermint chocolate...I cant really eat more than a piece of other choc. Ive had a block of that shiz 2 nights in a row now TO MASELF! Sour lollies are my heaven though

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  12. Man what isn't when I'm blazing?! If I'm at home, which I usually am, then it's usually mint chocolate icecream. It has to be the shit with the chocolate chips I'm it though cause damn that crunch feels amazing when I'm stoned out of my mind.
  13. Frozen go-gurts are so fucking good
  14. A reuben a a rachel.  Sammiches are aaaaaaawesome.
  15. Double-double with pickles with fries and lemonade, In N' Out burger of course. Only two items on the menu, old fashioned dank food haha. Only on the West Coast
  16. I don't live on the west coast so I've never had in-n-out burger, but I hear about it all of the time on here. I've had five guys and love it.
  17. Chocolate peanuts
    Salt and vinegar Pringles
    Sour watermelons
    Jaffa cakes
    Reeses pieces
    Cheese n tomato toastie with mayo mmmmmmmm
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    Ice Tea is soooo nice when you've taken that first hit of the day.
    Frozen fruit...sooo goood.

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