What's your favorite indica and why?

Discussion in 'General' started by CBDBurner, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Hey guys I'm a indica kinda guy I feel that indicas level me out mentally and kills my back pain. Favorite strains for pain and a slight head high are GDP and Shark shock cbd. Favorite night time indica is hash plant to make sure I sleep through the night. What's your favorite indica and why is it your favorite?
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  2. When my wife and i were on our honeymoon in hawaii i got us some girl scout cookies grown locally (so i was told). If it was girl scout cookies then that was the most potent weed i have ever smoked....made green crack look like childs play. So fairly enough that would be my favorite strain! And i ordered a couple seeds of it for my next grow, prolly wont be the same but i sure am stoked
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  3. Nice man I buy GSC in shatter often. I heard so much about it but didn't believe all the hype it is a great strain for mental conditions always puts me in a good mood and distracts me from back pain.
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  4. Right now, Shurman #7 . Truthfully, it's a hybrid strain, but it's got good CBD content so it provides a low key body stone and lot's of joint pain relief.

    If I smoke something with less THC, like cannatsu, I'll probably add in some Sticky B kief. That's another great indica because it knocks you out
  5. Never heard of that one I'll have to look it up. I'm always lookin for new indicas my most recent purchase was hash plant it took about a week of smoking it I got use to it and the effects.
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  6. My hands-down favorite indica at the moment is fire og. It has a nice buzz at high doses but low doses does the best for me. Very anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects for me. Makes me more sociable and much better mood. Just my suggestion. Cheers!!! :yay:
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  7. I've got a few different strains that I micro dose with as well a hit or two a hour.
  8. Yeah, Shurman #7 is being sold at Washington dispensaries so it probably won't be found elsewhere, but Sticky B is a common one!
  9. Purple Kush. Feels better than any weed I've ever experienced for that true indica power body tingling sensation with a mind tantalizing euphoria that is unmatched. Truly the top of the spectrum of feels and good vibes!
  10. Haven't tried purple kush before but it's on my bucket list. I rarely see it in my area at dispensaries.
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  11. It is most definitely worth it. I say if there are musicians who devote songs to a strain, it's gotta be worth the hype! 2 grams of Purple kush made my 2016 Christmas with no money and no job seem like paradise when I was able to see that tree in my bowl. Miracle on elm street kinda vibes.
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  12. Right now I'd say Gorilla Glue and GSC. Both have unique flavors and effects.
    I love heavy Og cuts too.
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