Whats your favorite drug?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by H*a*Z*e, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. what is your favorite drug?

    mine personally is ecstacy although i smoke pot most often. look at my ecstacy theory in another thread it will blow ur mind:smoke:
  2. I can't really comment, because I have been unable to try certain substances due to the lack of them in my area, lol.

    But I'll say opiates right now.
  3. 1.Codeine/Hydrocodone syrup.
    2. Good swisher sweet perfecto of marijuana
    3. DXM
  4. Above all, marijuana. Then, I really love me some benzos every now and then. Nothin' wrong with the occasional opiate. And last, I guess my adderall but I hate it just as much as I like it. I need to get ahold of some good shrooms and/or lucy.
  5. reefer and opiates are both on the same pedestal for me. i love them both, and couldn't see myself living (normally anyway) without both.
    before i get flamed for being a junky, just know i've been an H addict for many years, but the last 4+ years i've been on suboxone maintenance. so i'm a legally prescribed opiate addict lol.
  6. 1. Weed
    2. Mushrooms
    Haven't come across many of the other substances though....
  7. 1. Opiates
    2. A nice Optimo.
    3. Cocaine
    4. X/Fungus
  8. XTC....I love you very much....
  9. 1. Weed
    2. X
    3. Shroomies
  10. Lucy, Molly, Mary Jane, &

    Mushrooooooms ofcourse!
  11. 1. Cocaine
    2. X
    3. Shrooms
    4. Acid
    5. Weed
  12. weed and shrooms
  13. Marijuana & Ecstasy,
    but I don't pop beans often, I can count the times I've rolled on one hand...
  14. You should try some OC if you like codeine and hydrocodone.
  15. 1. Percs
    2. Shrooms
    3. Weed

    Shrooms and percs could be switched im just starting to get into opiates though and im loving them... hopefully just not too much.
  16. DXM for me. I want to try Mushrooms or X but as of now it is DXM.
  17. 1. Weed
    2. LSD
    3. Opium

    Love all three
  18. Marijuana is the only drug I use. I don't even drink pop

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