Whats Your Favorite Downstem?

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  1. I'm looking to get a nice downstem for my straight shoot tube, and was wondering what you guys would recommend?

  2. anything with a diffuser
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    theres probably better that i havent used, but i like the showerhead.

    edit: alex k makes a sick showerhead if i remember correctly. spendy though
  4. german diffuser. It's the kind of downstem with tiny holes on the bottom instead of slits.
  5. ^ my american roor had that

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  6. Alex K downstems are absolutely ridiculous from what I've heard, so go for that if you have the money. Otherwise any diffused downstem is usually nice, personally I prefer the type that has round holes instead of slits although I could never tell you why. I just feel like the bubbles are nicer. 
  7. Get the gridded sovereignty ds. I have had a Alex k and the 6 arm b Wilson ds and the sov is the best. It's the easiest to keep clean and hits the best. A little more cash though
  8. This one, right here...


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