What's your favorite Coffee/Tea?

Discussion in 'General' started by Toxy, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Just curious. Doesn't have to be from starbucks or anything.
    For me:
    Coffee- Anything that's hot and dark. No sugar, no cream.
    Tea- Apple Chai, or regular chamomile.
  2. Coffee-The one I don't have to drink
    Tea-Arnold Palmer Arizona Iced tea :D
  3. Coffee - these Kenyan beans my mom buys from Whole Foods. She makes the best coffee.

    Tea - The only tea I really like is Earl Grey, but I'll try em all
  4. I support "Marley" coffee
    but I don't drink that stuff. just another drug addiction I'd have ;)
  5. Coffee: I like Market District French Vanilla. (Giant Eagle brand)
    Tea: Chai and Earl Grey
  6. Tea is the shit. I don't know what tea it is that we drink here, Barry's tea and Lyons tea. It's black tea. I think it's called irish breakfast tea outside of Ireland.
    It's ironic because I, along with most people I know, will have tea with breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    My mam used to give me bottles of milky tea when I was a baby.

    I'm not mad about coffee.
  7. I feel ya on that. I'll have coffee maybe 2 times a month, if that, but I'll drink tea all day everyday :p
  8. Coffee - Basically anything, i used to drink it all the time but i switched to tea.. I'll get it sometimes though.

    Tea - Any type of green tea. Yum.
  9. I always get my tea from Charleston... green, peach, black.

    Coffee-brews, I get a different brew about every two weeks...
    I have a pretty stupid collection as I drink it only for social reasons.
  10. Coffee - Eight O' Clock pure columbian

    Tea - Olde English or Green Tea.
  11. Coffee- None.

    Tea- lipton green tea with citrus
  12. My favorite coffee/tea is Yerba Mate. South American shit its so good. Get Rosamonte Seleccion Especial. Amazing stuff it has comparable similarities to a weed high but you gotta get the good stuff.
  13. I drink Green tea and English breakfast tea

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