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whats your favorite cigar to roll out of

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fanjoyy, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Example :different flavored cigarillos,swishers,backwoods,palmas,games,
  2. raw paper not a blunt

  3. i used to use those in a rolling machine but they always go out and i have to light it like 4 times
  4. some vanilla wraps, or owl city rillos.

    edit: I just typed owl city rillos, when I meant to type White Owl Rillos. What the fuck im high

  5. hey whats up im new to the site too:hello:
  6. means you're rolling it too tight.

    I've tried many different kinds, grape swishers, peach XXL's, etc., but right now
    my favorite definitely has to be

    these...gotta love the taste
  7. Grape Swisher sweet cigarillos all day every day, and vanilla dutches
  8. white owls or swishers as long as thier both fresh i hate stale ass rillos
  9. Strawberry Phillies , Backwoods or real handrolled cigars
  10. white grape white owls and vanilla dutchies, FUCK swishers
  11. Vanilla Dutch Masters strictly for me when it comes to blunt rollin .. Great non- overwhelming taste and they burn great every time...
  12. Green game cigarellos

  13. ur da fukkin man
  14. pink berry bluntvilles
    i love my wraps :smoke:
  15. blueberry swisher :)
  16. Gotta love those Garcia Vegas!
  17. Garcia Vegas
  18. white game grape all day every day. I will never use dutch masters they are dry pieces of shit. White owls are nice occasionally.
  19. #20 CrackThaDutch, Mar 11, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 11, 2012
    I would say the same of white owls, or any other cheap cigar being used to roll blunts. They are all dry to some degree - it depends on how skilled you are at twistin blunts .. In ten years of rolling vanilla dutches, they really do seem to be the one cigar that has nice light paper .. It's not super thick and heavy tasting like white owls,swisher and even some other Dutch variations.

    Games are extremely easy to roll, mostly due to the thicker paper in and outside, and also they wrapped loose to be unraveled .. But I base my choice on how well it burns and tastes, and not ease of rolling .. Vanilla dutches aren't the easiest to roll but give the most satisfying burn imo

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